37 – I’ve been nominated

liebster-2016My WordPress friend vinnieh  writes ‘Movie Reviews and anything else that comes to mind’, so he’s a little like me in the second respect except he’s a great writer and I genuinely mean that, but I enjoy myself and that’s all that counts isn’t it.

Well vinnieh has nominated me for the Leibster Award, I’ll have to go research this a little, most kind vinnieh here’s my answers to your questions.

  1. Which book, that hasn’t been made into a film, would you love to see be made into one? Alas I’m not a great book reader to my shame, but I would like a Movie made from a story that first originated on WordPress……that’d be cool, one I’d read myself.
  2. Do you have any nicknames? Yes at work I’m called either Andy or Bart, the name Bart derives from The Simpsons due to vowel and consonant similarities?
  3. When someone says happiness, what do you think of? My mother said when my brother and I were both born all she wished was we’d be happy. Jury’s still out with me:(
  4. Have you ever sunbathed naked? Yes, I’ll maybe rewrite a true story I first shared on my first blog………..it involves masturbation.
  5. What is your biggest pet hate? Rudeness in others.
  6. Which country would you most love to visit? Anywhere hot.
  7. What type of ice-cream is your favourite? Mint chocolate.
  8. In your opinion, what makes someone sexy? Ahh NO one should ask me that question cause if you know me (P) I’d get carried away, I’d write a post! Sexy one day can be big tits, plump ass, hip displacement or hair colour, on others a ladies sweet smile and sense of humour or maybe a shaven pussy.
  9. What is the most rock n roll thing you have ever done? God that’s hard cause I’m unfortunately not a risk taker…..if I’m honest perhaps I should go take a risk.
  10. Which accent could you listen to all day? French, I work with a 20 year old young lady from France…..I could listen to her all day.
  11. And finally, what do you enjoy the most about my blog? The excellent Movie Reviews.