16. A photograph of Andrew


ūüėĬ†Alas¬†the naked guy¬†gazing¬†at his own reflection in a pool of water isn’t¬†a photo of¬†myself but I have a good guess you¬†know his name,¬†that’s¬†if you know your Greek Mythology which I don’t! I happened across this Google image the other day and thought to myself¬†‘what a sexy looking guy’ even though I’m not gay, lol all very homoerotic and¬†with a¬†penis I’d be proud to call my own.

Anyways I’m Andrew and the guy¬†is Narcissus.

Reluctantly ūüėĬ†I’m uploading¬†a photo of myself¬†and why not, I¬†wrote reluctantly only because I’m not exactly Richard Gere¬†ūüôā hmm I can sense¬†your disappointment but there you are.

So why the distant expression you may ask? Where am I gazing with such distant concentration?

Now I guess there’s several ways to interpret this photo taken by my age 8 nephew¬†from his iPad, (I might buy one of those, he saved up for his with his pocket money and yes the tablet IS as he says,¬†“Awesome, Uncle you¬†could play Pok√©mon Go¬†on it!“,¬†Err NO I’ll pass,¬†I¬†won’t be walking the Town’s Streets¬†searching for Hotspots………… But a¬†clever way of getting children outside exercising don’t you think? Nintendo I applaud you.

Where was I? Yes interpretation,¬†well I’m not being narcissistic¬†showing you¬†how handsome I am that’s for sure, more likely I can sense my Followers err un Following. So you can¬†be sure revealing myself is NOT vanity, :/ no¬†uploading this picture is nothing more complicated than¬†showing a picture of me.

image1-2_resizedBTW my nephew secretly¬†‘captured’¬†this during¬†Toy Story 3 and rather¬†annoyingly¬†he does this ALL the time! A lovely lad though and I’d be proud to¬†call all 3 boys my sons but alas…….. anyways¬†they’re a credit to their parents. (Being honest there are times when I wish I had children of my own but that’s for another blog post,¬†‘c’est la vie’ ūüôā )

Incidentally you’ll know the guy up top is¬†the origin of the word narcissism and¬†if you read WP blogs you’ll¬†understand narcissism is an evil character trait much written about by bloggers¬†from their own personal experience, horrific¬†tales¬†of nasty controlling men and yes also women.


Narcissus was a hunter in Greek Mythology who was known for his beauty, much like me! NO NO NO,¬†Narcissus was the son of¬†a river God¬†born of a¬†nymph and was proud, god was he proud and¬†sneered at¬†those who loved him. Nemesis noticed his behaviour¬†and one day¬†attracted Narcissus to a pool where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with himself, I have a guess we’re all picturing someone right now, and unable to leave the beauty of his reflection Narcissus lost his will to live and¬†stared at his reflection until he died.

ūüôā Andrew