You always expect the worst, don’t you? Pt 1


A hematoma is a collection of blood outside of a blood vessel, I learnt something today.

Thank you for the replies of best wishes and kind regards after posting I’d damaged my ribs, and I do really mean thank you I was in pain and thought I may have broken a rib. I haven’t thank goodness, the small lump protruding from my ribcage is a hematoma (blood bruising) attached to the outside of one rib, forget the number! A lovely Doctor said the bone’s not broken, phew that was a relief, yes there’s a swelling which will take quite a while to disappear, if ever, but hey 🙂 I can live with a bump.

Several months ago I commented to a lady blogger named arwenaragornstar, admitting a fact lol that I didn’t really know how to blog properly. To be more specific I quoted a UK phrase ‘I wing it here’ where she replied 😀 ‘we all do’, so with a theme less blog in mind, I thought why not share my consultation with a British Doctor (GP) in pt2 and hopefully with the usual entertaining twist, yawn lol, but like I always say Blog Andrew is bereft of a theme…… “I wing it!”

Btw I’m giving myself a present, I’ll sooon be visiting a Polish Masseuse for my very first Erotic Swedish Massage, hmm :/ that might make for an amusing tale but I’m afraid you’ll have to endure reading adult sexy themed posts yet again! 😀 No doubt I’ll write about my love and regard for lady’s boobs YET again, I do enjoy this blogging alter ego…….secret ego 😉

Now for part 1, this present post, I’ll share photographs I captured this morning on my walk into Town. I often carry my camera around with me during a day, so I thought why not share snapshots of a-typical British Town life, makes a change from observations of the fair sex and her curves………stop Andrew!!

09-11-2017 Windrush 00409-11-2017 Windrush 00109-11-2017 Windrush 00209-11-2017 Windrush 018

If you reside in the USA you’ll refer to this autumn Season as Fall, well as you can see from the trees on the Common leaves are turning shades of rustic brown and I’ve no doubt after a strong gale they’ll all disappear. In fact I’m a little surprised the leaves haven’t fallen yet being as we’re into early November, but British weather yawn is still very mild at present.

Haha Poundland! We have a thrift shop that sells everything for £1, I must admit I try to avoid shopping there not because I am a snob mind, nope. I don’t tend to visit pound shops for the simple reason I live by the maxim you get what you pay for, and there ain’t half a lot of rubbish on sale in £1 shops, I understand why! However they do sell 4 tubes of Fruit Pastilles cost of one pound and I’m addicted to Roundtree’s Fruit Pastilles!

09-11-2017 Windrush 014
Fire Station

And finally to our Town’s Health Centre funded by the NHS, a wonderful institution created by a post war Labour Government which promised free medical healthcare for all citizens driven by the iconic phrase,

 ‘From the Cradle to the Grave’

(A Paper first published 1942 by William Beverage Labour Party.)

Unfortunately our National Health Service is underfunded and the staff are overworked, consequently we must all endeavour to stop successive Governments from dismembering this wonderful institution, the British public love and cherish our NHS and long may that continue.






Hedgehogs for a Nigerian blogger by the name of Esther (and anyone else :) )

A follow up to my butterflies-we-have-4-species-in-our-garden

A shout-out post for you this evening and you know how I love interacting with bloggers here on WordPress 🙂 A lady by the name of Esther who Blogs from Nigeria commented telling me she enjoyed seeing my garden butterfly photos, and do you know what even after two years ‘sharing’ photographs on my Blog Andrew, knowing people living all those miles away in Africa (or anywhere!) are reading my personal thoughts published on a website never ceases to amaze me! Please know I truly never take your feedback for granted and thank you 🙂 ❤


Returning to my back garden butterfly post linked above, the one where I’d promised to

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Bumble Bees in my mum’s Garden

Accompanying YouTube video (Click to view)

“Bumblebees are key factors in our wildlife. If they disappear many of our plants will not bear fruit”

David Attenborough (FRS).

Reading my Title ‘Bees in mum’s Garden’ gives you a strong hint as to the theme of this evening’s Post.

My mother is a keen flower gardener, all her borders are a riot of colour as are the many plant pots situated on the paved areas. As you can see from my video I visited Saturday afternoon and as I wandered around her peaceful garden I noticed wild bees hoping from flower to flower so reminiscent of helicopters and by chance I had my Samsung tablet with me so photographed the bees as the went about their work, they came out quite well don’t you think and I was really impressed the bees gold hoops, wings and legs are clearly visible and please don’t ask me to name the flowers, because my fingers are definitely not green!

With a little internet research I’m pretty sure the bees in my photographs are named small garden bumble bees though I’m no expert, the one fact I do know is bees could possibly be the most important insect to visit your garden.

Here’s the natural history lesson! 😀

Bees visit flowers to collect nectar and pollen, which they use as food for themselves and the larvae in their hives or nests. By moving from flower to flower, they are vital pollinators of many garden and wild flowers. Insect pollination is essential for the cropping of most fruits and some vegetables, there are several hundred different types of bee resident in the British Isles.

As a rule of thumb your garden should provide bee-friendly flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar which bees can easily access from spring until late summer, this ensures there’s a good supply of pollen at all the crucial times.

July 2017 032

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Walking in the rain!

I have both good news 🙂 and bad news 😦 for you.

22nd July 2017 011

Good news first, for the past two years I’ve been uploading videos onto my YouTube all filmed by my cheap and cheerful digital camera, however you’ll agree the picture quality is pretty poor. THEN yesterday evening it suddenly dawned on me I have a Samsung tablet with a great camera, taken me 8 months to figure that one out ffs. 

Now the bad news, the weather across Great Britain is awful, by that I mean it’s rained constantly for two days, dry ditches are now running streams for heavens sake, yay I have a great quality video camera however if I go outside to film Oxfordshire’s fantastic Countryside I get absolutely soaked!

But like the trooper I am, I braved the rain just for my WordPress (absolutely true) filming the video below and my narration pretty much explains all, listen to the rain………

It’s only uploaded to test the camera’s picture quality so perhaps don’t watch. Bit boring.

Listen to that rain! I only wish I’d remembered I owned this Samsung when I visited beautiful Blenheim Palace………….. oh well we men aren’t the sharpest tools in the box!

If you have any British friends you’ll know we don’t half moan about the weather, it’s either too hot and sunny, or too wet and cold, mind you talking about our weather is a great ice breaker when you first converse with someone you don’t know.

Consequently due to the rain this isn’t the post I hoped to publish, I had planned to visit a local Abbey and walk the Cotswolds, unfortunately due to the fact Holly and I were soaked to the skin we settled for a short walk closer to home………… 🙂 Holly didn’t appear to mind!

22nd July 2017 00122nd July 2017 00322nd July 2017 01522nd July 2017 01622nd July 2017 017

Not to worry, better luck next time! 

© Andrew