Peeing in the shower (JFF & NOT explicit)

Important message.
This afternoon I’ve been chatting with my fabulous 9 year old nephew and he tells me ‘The Emoji Move: Express Yourself’ is “absolute pants!” Incidentally Rotten Tomatoes approved tomatometer critics give this movie a 10% positive review, so lol you’ve been duly warned 😀

Wet-beach-men-guys-in-gear-naked-ass-jocks-shower-bath-kissing-pool-muscle-speedo- gym-gay-sex-peeing-water-sports-gif-locker-room-piss-Oh yes my post Peeing in the shower! Where shall we begin and note there’s NO imagery this is just for fun!

I haven’t published a JFF post for a while, plus I’m feeling a little hmm :/ , so I thought why not write something hopefully ‘entertaining’ yet at the same time make a serious point.

Now hold on before you leave me, 🙂 I know I’m prone to writing ‘unusually themed’ posts, an understatement if ever there was one, but believe me or not ‘Peeing in the shower’ is a serious topic for discussion amongst politicians and public health officials across many Countries, especially if they have water shortage problems.

So with water conservation in mind I thought why not discuss, try and convince you, plus share a few photographs of men taking showers I found along the way, makes a welcome change from seeing naked women. 🙂

Peeing in the shower is now a case of saving the planet feels great is super convenient and you should by no way feel ashamed, although would you tell your partner?

Before I begin just a little warning for you, by mistake I Googled ‘Peeing in the shower’ with all security locks set to off and all I can say is don’t try it, DON’T TRY IT!!! So with locks reinstated I searched ‘men showering’ and came across these pictures, not to my taste but hey all in the name of scientific research 😀

Before I begin you could always comment “yes I do” or “no I don’t” down below? I’ll be honest and say I always wee in the shower and have done for many years, if you don’t then that’s fabulous but I’ll give you some pretty convincing reasons to try.

🙂 You don’t have to comment, I’m only joking, Cosmopolitan magazine says 75% wee which :/ surprises me.

Now I’ll be honest at this point, I always am on Blog Andrew, and admit the following statistics are borrowed from the internet, note the only text of this post that is sourced and if you don’t believe me 🙂 I don’t care……..I do but you get the idea!

Flushing the toilet accounts for around 27% of American’s water usage, with each standard toilet using @ 7 litres per flush or 31 litres with some older loos, wow.

Flush every day, and you’ll save 2555 litres of water per year 😼 F*ck me gently!!!

The University of East Anglia announced, this story went viral, 15000 students over 1 year flush enough water to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool 26 times over, plus think of the amount of paper being discharged into the environment, and then remember those figures are just for ONE University alone, just imagine the figures for a whole Country!

Here endeth ‘borrowed’ statistics, 🙂 now one of my own, if you and your partner peed in the shower, that’s 2 times a day, which is 730 times a year, multiply that by say 5 litres, that’s err umm (Google calculator) that’s 3650 litres a year and are you on a water meter? That reminds me Thames Water want my meter reading, true!

:/ if you shower with a partner what if…………………

I invariably day dream whilst taking a shower standing statuesque like a naked Roman God sculptured out of marble, water cascading down my smooth skin, over my genitals and matted pubic hair just as impressive as anything Michelangelo ever chiselled. Then stepping aside, lathering soap between my hands I smooth the perfumed silky cream over my body, however I never play with my willy, nope never, the sound of running water makes me incapable of getting an erection let alone orgasm!

Anyways enough silly chatter. Earlier today whilst taking my early morning shower I had an idea peeing in the shower might make an ‘interesting post’, so afterwards I Googled several phrases, happened across those aforementioned statistics and discovered the Brazilian Government ran TV advertisements INSTRUCTING people to pee when showering, the sheer amount of perfectly clean drinking water being flushed down a toilet is staggering……… environmentally unjustifiable even.

Have I convinced you yet? I guess the $64,000 question is would you admit to a partner :/ Hmm! A relationship breaker?

Wavering yet unconvinced? I’ll try again, for anyone ‘weeping’ how gross it is to pee into the plughole, remember the water’s joining the same waste pipe either way, and although not sterile pee is definitely not toxic, it’s just left your body for heavens sake so certainly won’t damage your skin as it’s being washed away.

My final reason for peeing in my shower is it’s fun, oh yes secretly enjoyable 😉 ! Holding on for a while till the bladder becomes uncomfortable then allowing your body to completely relax and release is spine tingly pleasurable (I’m odd), and think about it for a second adults don’t get many subversive pleasures in life do they but peeing in the shower can be one small act of rebellion for the day, it certainly feels a bit naughty. 😀

Male version (above) of a ladies ‘wet tee shirt’ competition? And yes that is my butt taking a shower, like I said a JFF post 😀 

Original and ©Andrew


Butterflies go orgasmic over flowering Buddleia nectar!

All photographs and video were taken by myself, who knows how media ownership works on WordPress not me? 🙂

A post featuring my mother’s very own wildlife eco system, not Bumblebees for a change but four species of butterflies which regularly visited her garden late August 2017.

I’ve learnt two natural history lessons this past summer, first it’s extremely important to grow pollinating flowers in your garden 🙂 and secondly it seems Butterflies GO CRAZY FOR purple flowering Buddleia’s! 

Until researching this post I hadn’t really appreciated the beauty of these amazing bugs fluttering from flower to flower in my mother’s rear garden, not until I looked close up upon the vibrant colours on their wings had I realised we have amazing creatures on our own doorsteps.

Quite literally step outside her conservatory door and my mother has bees butterflies birds feeding upon bugs only because she grows pollenating flowers in her garden, and as you’ll see from my photos butterflies adore buddleia flowers in fact as I wandered round the lawn with my camera four different native English species couldn’t leave the bush alone!

Along with butterflies mum has hedgehogs visiting her garden nine o’clock most evenings and during the summer months she’ll put a saucer of water and dried mealworms on the concrete patio. To begin with only one hedgehog would visit to munch on the dry worms then scurry back across the lawn, through a hole under the fence and into a hedgehog house in a neighbours garden. But best of all earlier this Spring an adult and two babies would turn up for supper every evening!

Thank you WordPress because if I hadn’t had the ‘imagination’ to write this post I wouldn’t have given the colours and patterns on their wings a second look, in fact every summer I rarely give notice these beautiful creatures.

Butterfly cricket 007 use
Red Admiral

Red Admiral: The Red Admiral is a frequent visitor to British gardens and is one of our most well-known butterflies, unmistakable with velvety black wings intersected by striking red bands. Primarily a migrant to our shores, although sightings of individuals and immature stages in the first few months of the year, mean the Red Admiral is now considered resident in the British Isles ‘topped up’ every year with migrants arriving in May and June that originate in central Europe. However unfortunately, most individuals are unable to survive our winter especially in the cooler regions of the British Isles.

DSCF7245 use

Comma: The Comma is a fascinating butterfly. The scalloped edges and cryptic colouring of the wings conceal hibernating adults amongst dead leaves, while the larvae, flecked with brown and white markings, bear close resemblance to bird droppings. The species has a flexible life cycle, which allows it to capitalize on favourable weather conditions. However, the most remarkable feature of the Comma has been its severe decline in the twentieth century and subsequent comeback because it is now widespread in southern Britain with a range expanding ever northwards.

Large White
Butterfly cricket 001 use
Red Admiral
Butterfly cricket 011 use
Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell: Regarded as one of our most common butterflies the bright orange wings with black spots of the Small Tortoiseshell makes this one of our most easily recognised British butterflies. It is fast flying in bright sunshine but can be easily approached when feeding and was one of the species that didn’t fly away as I photographed.


Large White

Large White: The Large White is one of two species (the other being the Small White) that can claim the title of “Cabbage White” that is the bane of allotment holders all over the British Isles. The larva of this species can reach pest proportions, and decimate cabbages to the point that they become mere skeletons of their former selves. The female is distinguished from the male by the presence of 2 black spots, together with a black dash, on the forewing upperside. This is one of the most widespread species found in the British Isles and can be found almost anywhere, including Orkney and Shetland, also known to migrate to the British Isles from the continent.

DSCF7240 use
DSCF7244 use
DSCF7241 use
Large White
DSCF7242 use
DSCF7246 use

All the following Bumblebee photos appear on a previous flower post however I thought why not share them again because many will have missed them. ©Andrew

July 2017 032
Bumblebee pollinating a flower in mum’s garden

July 2017 040

🙂 As always I’ve taken video (below) of all 4 species visiting Mum’s garden (taken using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, the only tech I own!)

So I guess the moral to my tale and a lesson I’ve learnt these past weeks is make a little effort to plant summer pollinating flowers, I know these photos aren’t from my own garden but I’m not totally idle 😀 , earlier this summer bees have been working hard pollinating my new raspberry bushes and I have a purple buddleia tree.

I hope you enjoyed my photographs 🙂


Blenheim Palace, England. (Pt2)

© All Photographs taken by Andrew, all Video filmed by Andrew and Narration by Andrew. 🙂

Whilst looking back through Wednesdays photographs something rather puzzling struck me, ‘why an earth is the grass so short Andrew?’ I mean you should see my jungle of a back garden when I haven’t mown the lawn in a week, yet this Parkland resembles a golf course? All very odd must remember to Google. NOT.

As you may be aware if you ‘read’ pt1, Wednesday previous I walked around Blenheim Palace grounds taking lots of photos, incidentally that’s in Oxfordshire England. Unfortunately the video isn’t as good a quality as I’d like, never mind perhaps I should invest in a new camera or buy a new phone :/ it’s on my wish ‘list’.

So rather than ‘publish’ a part 3 blog Post here’s the remaining photographs and video (have I told you they’re all taken by me?), So if you’d like a short historical synopsis please read part 1.

(Briefly Blenheim Palace is the ancestral home of the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough built in the 1700’s with stunning ornamental grounds, and England’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill was born here.) That wasn’t tooo painful was it. 🙂

A question for you. Have you ever visited a place you know you visited as a child but forgotten about? Well my gentle walk around Blenheim estate was one of those experiences, a beautiful summers afternoon when memories of times past filtered back into my imagination all prompted by the idyllic Parkland scenery. Like the time as a ‘Boy Scout’ I gained my Woodland and Forestry badge chain sawing trees and watching birds. Happy days and according to my nephew did you know they allow girls into the Scouts now? 😀 Sounds fabulous, twelve go camping for a weekend returning with thirteen!

On another occasion I fondly remember picnicking with my parents and grandparents under a tree and my grandmother spreading out a white linen table cloth as if in her front room, picture us seven drinking tea from fine china cups (with saucers), an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ tea party laid out on a forest floor all very surreal but at the same time wonderful! :/ The only trouble is the older you get the more times you’re struck by these rather depressing deja vu.


A very warm July day! But Mustn’t complain this is England after all.

The following is a 4 photograph panorama. (Moving left-right)

Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan6

Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan7

Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan8

Blenheim Palace July 2017 016Blenheim Palace July 2017 pan9

Blenheim Palace July 2017 041

The lake in front of the Palace has many types of wildfowl take this swan with signet below.

Blenheim Palace July 2017 022

© Andrew 🙂


41 – My Town in photographs part 1 – Church Green

🙂 I’ve been looking back through my posts and as you’re well aware by now I have NO common thread weaving through this blog so helping readers try to figure out what an earth they are supposed lol to be following, all I can probably guarantee is the next upload will be completely different to the previous if you get my drift.

Scrolling through my posts reading feedback and the number of views, I can see my photographs are quite popular which is very gratifying and especially with people resident in different Countries, and I’m exactly the same, I love looking at other bloggers very own photographs of their home surroundings, makes the blogging experience seem more personal.

So here’s another selection, incidentally all photographed and owned by me © Andrew and yes for once there is a commonality, all are taken from or close to Church Green which is the oldest area of my Town, and if you’re interested the Town which shall remain nameless is situated in the heart of rural Southern England……… one of the Shires!

These were all taken one day back in August 2016, and on reflection my little Fuji ‘point and shoot’ camera takes quite good pictures when the sun’s out, crap battery though!


St. Mary the Virgin, Church of England faith


Alms Houses built by Town’s wealthy wool merchants for the poor


Church photographed from behind


I’m standing to the edge of a recreation ground donated to the Town commemorating soldiers who gave their lives in the 1914-18 war


12:10 pm and yes the Church has bells, very loud ones, if the wind is blowing in the right direction I can hear them from my home


The Church is to my left, I’m looking down an avenue of trees with my old school in the distance


Again the Church is to my right, you are looking at the original Police Station, read the writing on the wall!


Alms Houses again in the Cemetery


This photo brings back memories, age 15 whilst bunking off school I came out of the gates and there standing behind a pillar Mr Slay (teacher)  caught me, I received a week’s detention for that stunt!


The Church is to my right and you are looking down the Lane where incidentally our Veterinary surgery is situated


The Church is behind me, looking towards the Town Centre


A photo taken from ground level perspective


The old Police Station, school gates and Church to the left



…….and finally ‘The Buttercross’, Church Green is now way to the left of me, and as the name suggests many years ago dairy products from surrounding farms were sold from The Buttercross. These days schoolchildren sit on the steps laughing talking and doing what teenagers do!

© Andrew

35 – Autumn – the Path that leads to my Home

Photographs © Andrew.

The Path that leads to my Home

🙂 WordPress bloggers are sharing Autumnal photographs they’ve taken themselves, local trees with their leaf shades yellow green gold and rustic brown, so I thought why not share 3 of my own, leaves will have all disappeared from their branches and the path in a week or two. Now or never!

These weren’t pre planned, the sun was shining, I had my camera on me and well here they are!

😀 I’ve just realised all of my WordPress photographs are taken within 5 minutes walking distance of my Home, I can assure you I do go places outside the housing estate!!

‘Fruits of the Forest Floor’ and ‘Yew Tree Farm – Downton Abbey’


Walk this way to my Home


In these two photographs I’m standing at a ‘T’ junction which leads to our local Tesco Supermarket, Chinese Takeaway and Jehovah’s Kingdom Hall!


Walk this way to Town

I think perhaps my promised Voyeur story should wait, do you know what I have no idea what people make of me, lol none at all, all I’ll say is my next Post will be totally different to the one before! I can’t write poetry oh how I wish I could, never mind variety is the spice of life so they say?