49 – A follow up post for blogger HLN

I’ve written this post specifically for a WordPress blogger who enjoys my published photographs, BUT I shan’t embarrass the lady with her real name because ūüėÄ she may not wish lol to be tooo closely associated with err one or two of posts, and incidentally thank you to another lady who re blogged that ‘story’,¬†most kind and wow all those likes!!!

To HLN, you replied to me talking of your love of¬†South Africa’s¬†wide open spaces, you may remember I wrote of my Great Grandfather (you also commented ty) and¬†my ancestral link¬†to SA,¬†namely my¬†family has a connection to¬†the Anglo Boer War 1899-1902 and afterwards he served in¬†South African¬†Constabulary (S.A.C.),¬†we gather from family anecdotes he lived and worked¬†in Bethulie ORC, a town which again is linked to the second Boer War being horrendously associated with¬†Bethulie’s¬†‘concentration camp’ housing Boer women and children.

The medal below as you may also remember (because you again commented ty)¬†is¬†our ‘Rare’ treasured¬†Queen’s South Africa medal awarded to¬†Trooper Matthew¬†‘blank’ with an Orange Free State bar, which makes plain he first moved to the Colony (photograph)therefore residing in SA before the War. Complicated I know but not to you.

Your love of Africa’s¬†expansive scenery¬†and liking my Oxford pictures of¬†‘claustrophobic towering medieval buildings’ prompted¬†my¬†post, simply because I’d loved¬†to have experienced Rourke’s Drift, (ZULU is a favourite movie) visited Bethulie perhaps viewed the vast open scenic views from Spion Kop…………who knows perhaps I’m a romantic?

Interaction with a WP blogger often evokes recalls my past, has me searching albums for passed down photographs¬†I haven’t viewed in years,¬†our families are¬†very very¬†tenuously and historically linked which is fascinating, opposing¬†countries¬†during a long long forgotten War.

I hope you enjoy reading…………. lol if but for a few minutes.

Copy of a postcard handed down to me by my Grandfather, his Father emigrated to Orange River Colony from Catholic Southern Ireland, a persecuted Protestant Irishman fighting Boers in the 1899-1902 Anglo Boer War, very odd!!

Jane, Matthew baby Robert (my Grandpa) and Emma the Housemaid.

My paternal Great Grandfather Matthew, Bethulie either ORC? Or OFS years?

My Great Grandfather Matthew’s¬†Queen’s South Africa medal, (Queen being Victoria!) a Rare treasured heirloom.

Trooper 51032¬†Matthew ‘Blank’, QSA with¬†Orange Free State and Cape Colony bars

© Andrew