Upskirt. I’m sure I witnessed a crime, should I have said something?

Adult themes. Note the photographs below featuring ladies riding escalators are Google Imaged and if the text is anything to go by originates from some ‘perverted’ website. Honest! And I can assure you I’ve chosen them for dramatic effect only and anyways you can’t see her upskirt knickers :/ which means the image isn’t indecent.

In my defence this post isn’t quite how it possibly first appears. 😀 I’ve had an eventful few days please read on!

Google Image

Have you ever had one of those days when you’ve witnessed something so shocking, an act so unbelievable that your jaw DOES physically drop as you see events unfold directly before your disbelieving eyes? Well I’ve experienced one of those days, Wednesday last to be exact and you’ve guessed by now MY shocking event involves a lady wearing a short skirt riding an escalator!

I began drafting this post that very evening but it’s taken a while trying to find a suitable tone, because you know me I could quite easily write a light hearted amusing tale all about watching pretty girl’s on elevators, (hmm have I?) Like ALL guys I admire pretty girls (18+) but only from afar, and the older I get the further away I stop looking! 😀

All day long I’ll admire these beautiful creatures even when riding moving stairs in train stations and department stores, but I’m NOT in the business of deliberately looking up skirts though yes by chance I’ve been behind someone, glanced up from the flights of stairs and ‘clocked’ the odd pantie gusset in my time, but if ladies wear micro skirts what’s a guy to do? (Incidentally I’ve a tale or two there).

That’s where the smut in this post finishes!

I’m beginning to waffle, let me get back on track and deadly serious. One o’clock Wednesday I stood on a moving Tesco Supermarket escalator descending deep into the bowels of the building, something happened, and by the time I stepped off at the bottom I was in a state of shock, mouth wide open, aghast, asking myself the question ‘are my eyes playing tricks on me or did that guy just take a photograph up that girl’s skirt?’  

No word of a lie I was dumbstruck yet when something happens to you out the ordinary, or you witness something totally out of the realms of normality, your brain isn’t quick enough to process the information being sent via your eyes let alone having the time to think about legal moral criminal implications. Just imagine if totally out of the blue you see someone’s wallet being pinched from their back pocket, you are either a person to scream and run after the thief or you keep quiet and do nothing. But be careful before judging others reactions until you to have witnessed a crime and seen how you reacted, only after living through the extraordinary can you say I am that person who stands up to be counted and does the right thing!

I’ve often asked myself if I’d lived through world war two a citizen in Nazi Germany and witnessed a Jewish person being racially abused in the street would I have been morally strong enough to stand-up to inhumane thugs, put my life on the line for another human being to end my days in a prison labelled Jewish sympathiser? I’d like to think I’d have the strength of character to get involved, or would I have stood tutted and watched, then walked the other way or God forbid joined in?

You just don’t know how you’d react, anyone who says they’d have done the right thing is lying, watching war films and knowing what wretched hateful crimes were perpetrated is ok in hindsight but has NO baring on knowing how you’d react as someone is abused in front of your eyes………like I said I’ve often wondered if I’d turn and walk away disgusted by my weakness, or get involved and go to prison. It’s exactly the same if you witness a crime, you’d like to think you’d get involved……. but you just don’t know.

I’ve thought about this war time moral dilemma many many many times because understanding how I’d react matters, I’ve yet to witness someone physically bullied, :/ how would I react? 😦 I tell a lie I’ve failed such a test one and a half times and the child robbery upsets me till this day. Never admitted that before 😦

But Wednesday’s upskirt was different.

I’m meandering, back to my oriental lady riding an escalator tale. Google Imaging is such fun 🙂

Wednesday at work was like any other day, come break time I made myself a cup of coffee opened the container lid of my powdered milk only to remember it was practically empty. Awful stuff dried milk, resembles fine white sand but it makes cheap coffee halfway palatable. So come lunchtime I briskly walk into Town making for Tesco’s Supermarket, the British equivalent of Walmart, where they sell everything imaginable and at reasonable prices.

Once inside the store I walked past the checkouts and in-house bakery, past aisles of groceries all the while heading for the escalators on the opposite side of the store. Once there I stepped onto the moving stairs as it descends into the bowels of the shop with note someone standing in front blocking me from walking any farther. Then my attention is drawn to an oriental young lady coming towards me on the up direction escalator alongside. Very pretty she was to in her white blouse, and being as the sun was shining I noticed she was wearing a salmon coloured short skirt, so of course like ALL other red blooded males I couldn’t help glancing at her long pale legs, judge me! I know not why ladies wear short skirts, fashion attention, and they’re fine by me though the skimpy garment does look unpredictable at times, make the crotch of your jeans tighten! But that’s another story.

😀 Don’t like my honesty then don’t read. JOKING!

As we pass each other halfway I suddenly became aware of a hunched guy standing directly behind her, which looked odd and didn’t seem appropriate, then as my head twisted, my gaze following the two people receding into the distance, something else he was doing again seemed out of the ordinary. Rather than looking in the direction he was heading, he appeared to be looking downwards directly into his hand at a black object positioned low down beneath the hem of her skirt, and that’s when it dawned on me this guy’s out of the ordinary behaviour was in fact him taking upskirt photographs or maybe even film?

Or so I assumed.

So now you’re perhaps wondering how I reacted, but first think back to the pickpocket scenario or any other crime you care to imagine. Today’s lunchtime drama from start to finish lasted little over 60 seconds, yet it could quite easily have been 30 minutes the sexual assault taking place in slow motion before my disbelieving eyes, and in extraordinary circumstances the brain is suddenly bombarded with information overload.

First off my attention’s drawn to a guy’s unusual crouched behaviour, followed by ‘he’s looking at a phone in his hand’, then an awareness he was almost certainly filming up her short skirt, because unless you’ve been living under a stone, the media and pervy websites tell us this is what some men do. However remember I have to process all this information context morality illegality and rationally come to a conclusion all within a matter of twenty seconds.

When I’d finally worked out (assumed) a serious sexual crime was taking place directly before my stunned eyes, I had reached the basement also the guy and girl were just about to step off the escalator out into the main store. So if you’re at all curious I didn’t shout “STOP THAT MAN!” No instead as my moving escalator stairs disappeared beneath my feet, I pushed past the lady in front about turned and near jumped onto the other escalator travelling upwards into the main store (my apologies if this tale is awkward and taking a while) then when I to reached the shop floor, I stepped out into the main store looking for the guy and girl wearing a salmon coloured short skirt.

Well the guy was no where to be seen, but the girl, totally oblivious to the fact she could have been intimately filmed was now deep in thought standing gazing into a larder fridge containing chilled sandwiches, and it’s at this point I began to slow and think rationally again, ask myself questions like ‘should I speak to someone in authority and tell them what I THOUGHT I’d witnessed?’ ……..’Should I walk up to a complete stranger and say ‘”excuse me miss but I think a guy’s just been filming up your skirt on that escalator?’

What’s to do?

Now I’m standing in the middle of a busy supermarket honestly trying to make sense of the predicament I’m in and wondering what to do next! Accusing a guy of serious sexual assault, saying he crouched behind a girl’s legs, his hand below her skirt hem should mean only one thing and very serious. But what if I was wrong, what about all the fuss, what if she burst into tears, the police being called, me being asked to justify extremely serious charges, and only later that evening did I wonder whose side Tesco’s management would take? Do they want it known by all and sundry up-skirting photography is taking place in their store, because a serious sex crime will be front page news next day.

:/ So you’ll have guessed by now I did nothing!

I walked past the young lady’s back several times, her mind still choosing what she fancied for lunch, then as the minutes ticked by I talked my way out of causing one hell of a major shit storm!! I’m still unsure what I should have done but I shan’t ask anyone to comment with an answer because lol readers don’t often reply to my posts, though I’m comforted by the fact filming upskirts still isn’t illegal in the UK though this may change soon. At present we have the ridiculous situation a guy could only be prosecuted for sexual assault if the lady wasn’t wearing underwear, madness. Then there’s the ‘Hyde Park London Case’ where a female victim is trying to pursue a private prosecution on the grounds of gross indecency, however I think the Courts are wary of setting precedents, the counter claim seems to be what if she was wearing cycling shorts? How then do you prosecute an up-skirter for sexual assault?

I make NO apology for the photo I’ve chosen above, me being me it’s done for effect and yes to some it may seem distasteful but ‘hey ho’ LOL :/ Now here’s a thought to leave you with, perhaps next time you’re riding a store escalator wearing a dress, or standing at a bus stop in short skirt maybe keep half an eye for men loitering a little tooo close for comfort!

(Perhaps I’ll write about those one and a half regrets, 😀 after all my Blog Andrew has the look of a confessional memoir, I’ll rename it inner working of a sexually frustrated male.)





3. A hate crime? Really? You’re kidding me!

🙂 What is the World coming to if you cannot legally stare at a woman’s boobs?

I’d better very quickly qualify that question by saying if you’re going to glance in her direction she must be over age 18 and fully clothed!

So is there any harm looking at her boobs? Enjoying a female’s figure? And at what point does a stare become sexual assault? At what point does noticing appreciating an attractive figure become wrong?

She dresses for male attention, doesn’t she? (Please bare with me!)

Today has possibly been the hottest day this year in the UK, so with sun and ‘fashion’ in mind you may have guessed where this Post is leading :/ Hmm :/


Anna Friel is looking stunning these days isn’t she and I’m old enough to remember her as the good looking schoolgirl in the long running soap opera ‘Brookside’ or better affectionately known as ‘Brookie’! I’m not a soap fan but you have to say Anna’s still a handsome attractive woman at 40, confident, beautiful, sexy………..  and I see her bra 😉

I might add this picture of Anna’s see-through blouse and visible underwear is selected not just because she’s gorgeous.

Oh yes reasons to be happy! Travelling to work by bus is usually torture, slow traffic, people coughing sneezing in wintertime however today’s journey was notably enjoyable, the sun was shining in fact unbearably hot and consequence many ladies were wearing summer dresses, crop tops, sheer blouses and more worringly female students wearing tight fitting tee shirts, but I wonder at what point does admiring an attractive profile become wrong? Become a crime?

So the bus now full winds it’s way through Country lanes into Oxford where first stop excited students alight at the College only to be replaced by shop assistants going farther into Town , I just couldn’t avert my gaze watching from afar, I didn’t know where to look all these beautiful yes scantily clad women and hold that thought!

Btw what’s with this under garment call the tee shirt bra? My Grandmother would have been horrified with all this underwear on show!! And I’m not joking, she’d tut tut just at the sight of a visible bra strap delicately perched on bare shoulders!

Sheer blouses are my favourite ladies garment, take sophisticated Anna looking so sexy in her pink see through top and wow you can see the out line of her bra, my eye line’s drawn through opaque silk as if by a magnate, I just cannot stop myself looking! So ladies is Anna inciting a crime by wearing clothes so revealing?

Again hold that thought.

Let’s return to my bus journey, I’ll leave the fact a ladies boobs bounce when the bus hits a speed bump in the road too quickly, oh yes us guys are watching and waiting, well I am! Err I’ve gotten distracted! AND I’m going staying well clear of the ‘slut shaming’ debate, you know whether a lady is ‘asking for trouble’ if she dresses overtly sexual, I’ll not go there, except ask the question is admiring the female bosom wrong? Maybe soon!

Com sutiã neon e estampado1

Ok OK yes I’ve possibly been sexually over gratuitous with descriptions so far, some verging on misogyny but I’ve written overtly sexual for a reason, don’t judge me too harshly I love ladies whether age 18 or 44, slender or fuller figure!

Sarah’s story

Now I hope after reading my exaggerated wordplay the image pictured across your mind is of a ladies prominent boobs visible through tight clothing, yes? Well as of last week a guy who stares at a bust bosom boobs for tooo long could be guilty of a hate crime. Oh yes. Don’t believe me? Nottinghamshire Constabulary has just announced staring at a ladies breasts can be classed as a hate crime alongside hatred of race, religion, sexual orientation and colour of the skin. Admittedly the Police Commissionaire speaking at her Press conference was more specific, she said suggestive remarks, a wolf whistle would have to accompany a stare in order to bring about a prosecution, however no getting away from the fact overtly looking at boobs is now a hate crime. Really?

Bloody hell I’m gonna be sent to jail now!!!!!

Only joking!

Confused? We in the UK are, the tabloid newspapers have gone apoplectic, wolf whistling builders are angry and the general public is left thinking ‘isn’t Police time better spent catching paedophiles rather than men enjoying a ladies boobage’.

Btw I unashamedly look at breasts through women’s clothing, absolutely guilty as charged! And a prominent nipple will nearly send me into orgasm!

Back to said Press Conference, alongside the Policewoman sat a young lady called Sarah who helped bring about this change in the law, though her case was a little more specific. A good while ago she was standing at a tram stop and this guy on the other side of the tracks was staring at her boobs, she said making her feel uncomfortable, and as they both boarded the tram he commented “nice boobs” then proceeded to stare at hers for the rest of the journey and of course she was terribly upset.

Ok this case maybe a clear cut ‘hate crime’ under the new rules, but every case will be different and varying in severity. The Policewoman basically said a prosecution would definitely have been brought for the remark alone, however I had the impression Sarah was more angry with his stare, was he enjoying her femininity? Or was he a sadist knowingly trying to make her feel uncomfortable, the latter is clearly wrong, but he stared all the same!

So staring at boobs is now a hate crime? Hopefully common sense will be applied but I can’t help thinking, knowing how high sexual abuse is on the political agenda, this Law will be applied rigorously and across the land not just Nottingamshire.

Back to sunny days sitting on the bus and I’ll admit to being guilty as charged when it comes to err boob observation, I glance, I look and maybe out right stare when the lady turns her head, and when I’m walking on the pavement and a lady passes by I’ll maybe take a sideways glance, lingering look, or maybe a brief stare but being honest women don’t seem to be offended and how on earth are Police going to enforce this new hate crime?