So our Defence Secretary MP has just resigned!

nintchdbpict000364304114The UK’s number one tabloid newspaper ran two stories alongside each other, Emma Knight 26 telling us ‘that’ she WOULD wear a sheer bathing suit, incidentally a celeb gossip news story which I can’t be assed to explain because it’s so banal and crass to the core. The second story being the resignation of Sir Michael Fallon who happened to be our Defence Secretary arguably the third most powerful politician in the land.

Michael Fallon
A rather forlorn looking EX Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon

The juxtaposition of these two very different stories in one edition shouldn’t surprise you, because The Sun is a ‘newspaper’ popular with the working class man who is assumed is only interested in sex? Also the irony isn’t lost when I tell you up until several years ago the The Sun published on page 3 of each daily edition, a full page photograph of an attractive curvaceous young woman with her boobs on full view.

Yes images as every right minded person would point out, not only feminists, that are degrading and could be viewed by children, just be aware The Sun are always up for sex stories, sells newspapers don’t you know hence curvaceous voluptuous Emma is published wearing her opaque swimsuit. Btw she does look sensational! 😛

So our Defence Secretary has resigned, and for those that didn’t understand why it’s because fifteen years ago he touched a female journalists knee during a Radio interview. I guess he knew he wouldn’t be seen, also he’s an intelligent guy perhaps he thought she’d maybe up for fun and games? Who knows but let me make clear he was wrong!


Now that this story has resurfaced, journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer’s reaction has been to say she dealt with his unwanted sexual advances there and then and considered the matter then closed. Incidentally she’d said to him at the time “touch my leg again and I’ll smack you round the face” which personally I only wish she had.

So I ask you this, is a smack/slap/ across the cheek perhaps the reaction every woman should take to having her leg touched? Or should a man in charge of Britain’s Army Navy and Air Force be sacked from his job with all that’s going on between Trump and Kim? A dangerous game of brinkmanship that could end in nuclear war, hmm I don’t think so.

Now hold on before you accuse me of err anything! In the UK we have several MP’s who have been reported for unwanted sexual advances, many stories will re surface and many MP’s will lose they’re jobs and of course this harassment debate stretches over the pond with new Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey actual sexual assaults. On reflection perhaps these two despicable examples of manhood are a different news story to our own ex Defence Secretary.


That’s for you two decide. As for me I just wish more women DON’T say, “touch my leg again and I’ll smack you round the face”, I just wish they’d swing their arm from deep behind their shoulders and smack their hand across the guys face! Hurt him and shame him in full view of others!

Have I been right and proper with some of my observations of the fair sex on Blog Andrew? Perhaps not then again I’ve always been honest and if I’ve written about my love of suckling at the nipple of a ladies breast as if I’m a new born babe, the anecdote is true and only because there’s a difference between adoring women and taking unwarranted sexual liberties. (Work that one out!)

A recent quote from Ms. Brewer as the dust is settling,

“Westminster is in the grip of a media which hunt that risked creating a sterile world, where men and women never speak or touch in the workplace.”…….

……”That’s not a world most of us want to live in” she said.

Andrew 🙂



Upskirt. I’m sure I witnessed a crime, should I have said something?

Adult themes. Note the photographs below featuring ladies riding escalators are Google Imaged and if the text is anything to go by originates from some ‘perverted’ website. Honest! And I can assure you I’ve chosen them for dramatic effect only and anyways you can’t see her upskirt knickers :/ which means the image isn’t indecent.

In my defence this post isn’t quite how it possibly first appears. 😀 I’ve had an eventful few days please read on!

Google Image

Have you ever had one of those days when you’ve witnessed something so shocking, an act

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3. A hate crime? Really? You’re kidding me!

🙂 What is the World coming to if you cannot legally stare at a woman’s boobs?

I’d better very quickly qualify that question by saying if you’re going to glance in her direction she must be over age 18 and fully clothed!

So is there any harm looking at her boobs? Enjoying a female’s figure? And at what point does a stare become sexual assault? At what point does noticing appreciating an attractive figure become wrong?

She dresses for male attention, doesn’t she? (Please bare with me!)

Today has possibly been the hottest day this year in the UK, so with sun and ‘fashion’ in mind you may have guessed where this Post is leading :/ Hmm :/


Anna Friel is looking stunning these days isn’t she and I’m old enough to remember her as the good looking schoolgirl in the long running soap opera ‘Brookside’ or better affectionately known as ‘Brookie’! I’m not a soap fan but you have to say Anna’s still a handsome attractive woman at 40, confident, beautiful, sexy………..  and I see her bra 😉

I might add this picture of Anna’s see-through blouse and visible underwear is selected not just because she’s gorgeous.

Oh yes reasons to be happy! Travelling to work by bus is usually torture, slow traffic, people coughing sneezing in wintertime however today’s journey was notably enjoyable, the sun was shining in fact unbearably hot and consequence many ladies were wearing summer dresses, crop tops, sheer blouses and more worringly female students wearing tight fitting tee shirts, but I wonder at what point does admiring an attractive profile become wrong? Become a crime?

So the bus now full winds it’s way through Country lanes into Oxford where first stop excited students alight at the College only to be replaced by shop assistants going farther into Town , I just couldn’t avert my gaze watching from afar, I didn’t know where to look all these beautiful yes scantily clad women and hold that thought!

Btw what’s with this under garment call the tee shirt bra? My Grandmother would have been horrified with all this underwear on show!! And I’m not joking, she’d tut tut just at the sight of a visible bra strap delicately perched on bare shoulders!

Sheer blouses are my favourite ladies garment, take sophisticated Anna looking so sexy in her pink see through top and wow you can see the out line of her bra, my eye line’s drawn through opaque silk as if by a magnate, I just cannot stop myself looking! So ladies is Anna inciting a crime by wearing clothes so revealing?

Again hold that thought.

Let’s return to my bus journey, I’ll leave the fact a ladies boobs bounce when the bus hits a speed bump in the road too quickly, oh yes us guys are watching and waiting, well I am! Err I’ve gotten distracted! AND I’m going staying well clear of the ‘slut shaming’ debate, you know whether a lady is ‘asking for trouble’ if she dresses overtly sexual, I’ll not go there, except ask the question is admiring the female bosom wrong? Maybe soon!

Com sutiã neon e estampado1

Ok OK yes I’ve possibly been sexually over gratuitous with descriptions so far, some verging on misogyny but I’ve written overtly sexual for a reason, don’t judge me too harshly I love ladies whether age 18 or 44, slender or fuller figure!

Sarah’s story

Now I hope after reading my exaggerated wordplay the image pictured across your mind is of a ladies prominent boobs visible through tight clothing, yes? Well as of last week a guy who stares at a bust bosom boobs for tooo long could be guilty of a hate crime. Oh yes. Don’t believe me? Nottinghamshire Constabulary has just announced staring at a ladies breasts can be classed as a hate crime alongside hatred of race, religion, sexual orientation and colour of the skin. Admittedly the Police Commissionaire speaking at her Press conference was more specific, she said suggestive remarks, a wolf whistle would have to accompany a stare in order to bring about a prosecution, however no getting away from the fact overtly looking at boobs is now a hate crime. Really?

Bloody hell I’m gonna be sent to jail now!!!!!

Only joking!

Confused? We in the UK are, the tabloid newspapers have gone apoplectic, wolf whistling builders are angry and the general public is left thinking ‘isn’t Police time better spent catching paedophiles rather than men enjoying a ladies boobage’.

Btw I unashamedly look at breasts through women’s clothing, absolutely guilty as charged! And a prominent nipple will nearly send me into orgasm!

Back to said Press Conference, alongside the Policewoman sat a young lady called Sarah who helped bring about this change in the law, though her case was a little more specific. A good while ago she was standing at a tram stop and this guy on the other side of the tracks was staring at her boobs, she said making her feel uncomfortable, and as they both boarded the tram he commented “nice boobs” then proceeded to stare at hers for the rest of the journey and of course she was terribly upset.

Ok this case maybe a clear cut ‘hate crime’ under the new rules, but every case will be different and varying in severity. The Policewoman basically said a prosecution would definitely have been brought for the remark alone, however I had the impression Sarah was more angry with his stare, was he enjoying her femininity? Or was he a sadist knowingly trying to make her feel uncomfortable, the latter is clearly wrong, but he stared all the same!

So staring at boobs is now a hate crime? Hopefully common sense will be applied but I can’t help thinking, knowing how high sexual abuse is on the political agenda, this Law will be applied rigorously and across the land not just Nottingamshire.

Back to sunny days sitting on the bus and I’ll admit to being guilty as charged when it comes to err boob observation, I glance, I look and maybe out right stare when the lady turns her head, and when I’m walking on the pavement and a lady passes by I’ll maybe take a sideways glance, lingering look, or maybe a brief stare but being honest women don’t seem to be offended and how on earth are Police going to enforce this new hate crime?