Fun Fair pt 2 – My videos

The louder you scream the faster you go!

Peter Kay writer of Phoenix Nights.

(I made a ‘rather unfortunate’ remark on my previous post pointing out not all Bloggers are happy with YouTube videos appearing on WordPress, my apologies if you thought me arrogant but the use of video is an interesting discussion point. :/ You see a while ago I read a Post where this very nice Blogger made clear WordPress is for writers but not a suitable place for YouTube videos, and they were of course ABSOLUTELY correct, writers! As for myself I’m a serial repeat offender ๐Ÿ˜€ when we’re talking video but I don’t think sharing hurts once in a while and there’s always a context. Either way my remark was out of place.)

So with alternative media in mind here’s my Oxford St. Giles Fun Fair videos from September 2017, all linked from my YouTube Channel ๐Ÿ™‚ and hopefully they complement my previous Fun Fair post ‘please click here’. TY

Andrew ๐Ÿ™‚


A lady called Jen. (Blog relationships pt2/2)

……………………. continued from Blog relationship pt1/2.

9e4c11acc7b31eab9fa6f52abddc54efSo rather nervously I agreed to meet her in person, and note there was no pressure on either side, then one sunny Saturday afternoon in August I travelled by train to a Town with no name in central England and all I can say is as the platform came into view for two pins I would have stayed on the train until the next stop then gone straight home again!

I didn’t and to say I was apprehensive stepping onto that platform is a given, but I needn’t have worried because on recognising me Jen walked straight up and we hugged tightly and rather intimately for two strangers who’d NEVER spoken to each other before! So very strange in hindsight and the affection still makes me laugh to this day. Now to answering a question I’m hoping any readers are asking themselves namely did we get along, did we like each other and what happened next?

Well yes the hug was rather intimate for strangers, there was a natural unspoken warmth between us and if you’d like to know yes we hit it off within seconds. She was ever the woman I’d been reading about for all these past months and Jen was exactly as I imagined her to be, her personality, sense of humour, kindness were exactly the same as shone through her blog posts and I have a feeling she understood me more than I give her credit for, and all simply because we were very honest on WordPress.

However true love never blossomed, in fact after several minutes of chatting we soon realised this would only ever be friendship but that didn’t matter, neither needed to say it we just knew ๐Ÿ˜ฆ , Jen was attractive (I will say no more except ๐Ÿ˜‰ big and she wouldn’t mind me saying) and a lovely lady but you either know there’s a spark of love or there isn’t but that’s ok lol I didn’t travel all that way trying to find a wife. Looking back in hindsight I understand we’d only ever be on-line friends but you never know unless you meet do you, we met as friends more out of curiosity than romantic attraction and had a fun day.

So after a hug and several minutes chatting on the platform, I turned around and got back on the train! Lolol no no NO! Couldn’t resist that!

With proper introductions exchanged, Jen took my hand in hers and we walked out of the station gates and at her suggestion breathlessly strode up a rather steep hill making for a cafeteria to have coffee together. And yet again walking hand in hand with a complete stranger appeared very natural there was a warmth ease and friendly naturalness about our conversation which never left us for the rest of the day, in truth we chatted endlessly and only because we already knew each other so well just through reading eithers blog posts and comments then moving to private email, note for four months or so.

On entering the cafรฉ Jen sat by the window I bought two coffees paying at the counter, then on joining her at the chosen table I noticed she was texting on her Smart phone sporting a broad smile across her face! When she looked up and obviously reading my quizzical expression she explained she’d been texting her best friend to say everything was fine safe and ok, then for the next twenty minutes or so in between sips of coffee we reminisced about past blog conversations, talked of our families, occupations and I know it sounds rather cheesy but we quite hit it off at one point laughing as she rather tooo loudly said “well you do have rather a nice cock! (I’d seen her breasts in a post btw!)

However perhaps I’m reading to much into WordPress’s importance when meeting a blogger, perhaps our meeting could equally have gone the other way irrespective of we were friendly bloggers, perhaps meeting a blog friend can quite as easily go the other direction beginning with awkward silences and not really taking to each other.

Who knows!

Coffees drunk, Jen suggested buying prepared food in an adjoining Delicatessen then driving out into the countryside to eat together and that’s just what happened! We bought food and bottles of drink which I lol insisted paying for and she later thanked me for in that evening’s email (nice guy me! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Then we walked to her car, and she drove us out of Town following a road ending at a car park situated in rather beautiful countryside. On locking the car I followed Jen along a path through a meadow coming to an abrupt stop in front of a canal! I shan’t bore you with any further detail other than we sat by the water one sunny warm afternoon and continued to chat about our lives……….. that we became SO personal is purely down to WordPress blogging commenting and replying.

Well food eaten and a walk in the sun, we decided to finish for the afternoon and Jen drove me back to the station, walked me to the platform where we both waited for my train, then as my Oxford bound train came into view we two hugged even more tightly than first previous (a genuine loving bear hug) ๐Ÿ™‚ To this day I’ve never forgotten the feel of her bra strap as my arms were round her and I as we pulled apart, my fingers brushed the sides of her bra cups, I felt the lacy material beneath her light top, and you have to believe me when I say touching her bra was by sheer accident and only because I was a little overcome with emotion, honest! Later that evening I emailed Jen to apologise and she replied with,

“I smiled and thought to myself that’s cheeky! ๐Ÿ˜€ but I didn’t mind in the slightest”. Don’t you think that’s sweet? I do.

If you recall at the beginning of my ‘blog relationships’ tale, we both felt an empathy and friendliness upon first meeting, however we both instinctively understood there wouldn’t be any wedding bells lol! You just know don’t you. ๐Ÿ™‚ But that’s ok, yes we were lonely and single adults but in hindsight I have a feeling we both really wanted to meet out of curiosity, I’m a firm believer if you meet someone as a friend then that’s all you’ll ever be is friends. now you’re wondering what happened next? For several weeks or so after we emailed everyday, both continued to post on WordPress and then as happens real life get’s in the way, then our emailing became less frequent until stopping completely the last time being exchanging Christmas Greetings. Jen and I never met in person again, I live in Oxford she in Central England which is a long train journey away, so as happens, time passes and we lost touch, that’s life there’s no malice or specific reason we stopped. Is there any point to meeting again if we both hoped for romance, if I’d lived closer would we have met in person again? I doubt it, Jen was adorably a lady on a mission, a born romantic and I’d guess she’s still internet dating hoping to find and meet her soul mate. I do so hope she’s found the love she so craves.

One final thought.

Hypothetically if you were to ask me is there a point to lengthy email relationships I’d have to answer of course yes! I could be wrong but I have the impression Natalie’s friendship was a meeting of two minds and an intellectual friendship, who knows? With myself our four casual emailing friendships were little more than chatting about our lives friends family work and relationships having a laugh and yes E did send me photos of her tits on my birthday. Incidentally with three of the four ladies, the emailing’s ended I’ve deleted every single message and photo, except C’s. The nicest thing women have said to me on WP is I make them laugh. Make’s me happy knowing that trouble is why am I still single?

So yes of course there is a point, relationships of any kind are unpredictable and fun also tiring and requiring dedication, so yes of course email but perhaps keep in mind how they’re likely to finish, perhaps be prepared for an end game where neither person feels the other’s let them down emotionally and certainly don’t end a friendship under a dark cloud with one person deleting all traces of you from their blog. I don’t think there’s any need for drama, it seems so sad people end up feeling hurt for no other reason than a simple misunderstanding. Perhaps stick to making each other laugh, E and I had a blast but we also tried to help each other with our own real relationship problems, enough said.

Will I exchange email addresses with a lady blogger again? No, only because trying to express myself through a blog post is bloody difficult and deeply problematic enough, four is enough, however I’m NOT saying ‘don’t you do it’ because one day you may share a picnic with your own blog friend by a canal in the sun.


7. Girlband having Orgasms whilst singing

Dutch all lady ‘girlband’ ADAM

Guess what I’ve found wasting my life watching YouTube videos?

Girlband ADAM having Orgasms whilst riding a (retailed) ‘female saddle for pleasure’, oh and singing their New song Naked at the same time.


Just holdย on before you have a ‘hissy fit’ or call me a pervert misogynist or both…… I’m neither btw.

Before you judge ME this GENUINE video features ladies from Dutch ‘girlband’ ADAM, (note I’m saying ladies not girls), the ladies starred in produced and filmed this video, further STILL this video appears on their OWN YouTube Channel. ๐Ÿ™‚

Made by women. Produced by women. Starring women

OK ARE WE COOL? (As Jules said to Marvin in Pulp Fiction before he shot him in the face)

Paola knows me ๐Ÿ™‚ I can be serious for just so long!

If any of you happen to have viewed my previous WP Domain, I keep on about it enough, time to time I was a little more adult. Eclectic! Family Posts, funny Posts, serious posts and a subject lol I won’t speak of plus lots more beside.

And note in Post 1 I stated I hate Pornography and I’m always honest. Good or Bad.

Well I decided to show you a video that made me smile in both a guy way and just for the sheer fun of it, then I’ll be back to Churches, my Town, Eclectic and family history, see I get restless then have to blog things that amuse me ๐Ÿ™‚

A machine! If you can be arsed you’ll lol work it out

I’m NOT gonna say what it is, this is a family blog, the mat costs $1500 contains two motors and well you’ll guess! If you wish to know the name of the genuinely retailed product, I didn’t frigging make it btw!

(I’m going to be careful with Category and Tag names, write the wrong words here and I’ll get all manor of low life. The video made me smile nothing more).

But please note I am NOT or NEVER will be a sx blogger,ย ‘been there, seen it and bought the tee shirt’ ๐Ÿ™‚




1. Introduction and 10 random facts about me

I’ve blogged before, 18 enjoyable rewarding months to be precise and mildly popular in my own little way, put it this way I had just enough followers to be happy and several close friends content ๐Ÿ™‚ , so why did I kill my blog you may ask? ย Good question and best answered with a word of caution! Pressing that delete button is final, a decision you may later regret.

With my old blog I prided my self every word beingย honest and true, hmm turns out recklessly honest, so be careful what you write, the lady might just read it!

So out with the old and in with the new, let’s begin with a few random facts about me, that’s if you’re interested of course, either way I know a few ladies who’ll massage my ego ๐Ÿ˜€ ………… hopefully!

  1. I’m an Engineer by Trade, a middle age single male and hopeless romantic.
  2. A wise quote for you, “if you become close friends with someone on the internet, be realistic because when you finally meet in person you’ll only ever be good friends”, controversial? Take it from me the wise lady is absolutely correct. (We had a lovely picnic sitting in the sun by the river but alas remain only friends).
  3. Lol this one will really be a damper, I have epilepsy, but popping tablets ain’t so bad.
  4. The picture on the left is me, taken a while ago mind.
  5. I have a long dick! But alas no great girth. Short story, a lady I had a one night stand with said, “can we not do missionary position because you’re too long and hurt”, a different lady on another one night stand said, “can we do missionary position because I like it deep!” You pays your money and makes your choice!
  6. I’m best described Mr average, neither short nor tall, fat nor thin, slim 5’9″ to be exact.
  7. Diagnosed with AvPD, we all have a disorder don’t we! My best advice for you, stay close to your friends because they help make life worth living.
  8. WP honest or what an earth’s the point being here, beware of my exhibitionist tendencies!
  9. I have a hairy chest.
  10. I hope people describe me dependable and caring but not relaxed enough to be called charming. I’ll settle for a nice man with a good heart, oh and did I tell you I’m always honest? No?
  11. Would love to own a Border Collie, alas I’m unable! Life’s just not fair.
  12. I have a strong dislike of Pornography and hate sex in Film and TV. An unusual statement of fact? I’m not quite sure why I needed to state that fact but I’m quite proud of myself, I’ve always disliked.
  13. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE FAIR SEX! Trouble is I’m single at the moment :/
  14. I know I said 10, never mind!

So what’s my Hook? Do I have a theme? Not as such, call me eclectic if that’s not to presumptive, I’ll Post whatever takes my fancy but beware, I am unshockable and have no shame!