36 – Helen’s Striptease – voyeur pt 4

Disclaimer. This tale © Andrew is true then again maybe this story is fictional? The house could be mine or perhaps a previous home or fictitious? Either way the lady across the Street herein is over age 18. Well over 18!

I hope you enjoy, editing has been an age and it’s the closest I’ll come to writing a story ❤

Googled image……..every post has to have a picture!

‘Through slightly parted curtains I propped myself up against the bedroom window sill and looked across the fields behind the house opposite, tonight I was watching a truly spectacular thunder and lightening display, mother nature’s power can be truly awe inspiring………….

……….. below this display of electric lightening and bedroom rocking thunder a bright light suddenly appeared from the third story bedroom window opposite, an angled rooftop window set against grey tiles the white light so bright it woke me from my daydream, so what vision did my focusing eyes see? There before me in clear close view was the silhouette of a slim auburn haired middle aged lady standing waist up behind her window sill………. I knew her to speak to as my neighbour across the Street, a lady called Helen, 45ish attractive in a mummy sort of way, I fancied her of course and she’s happily married but I wouldn’t say no if she asked, I’ve seen her picking up leaves in the front garden and she’s a handsome figure of a woman, a sexy young looking 45 year old.

Quickly, in a state of nerves and shock, my mind trying to process what the f#ck was happening over the road, I ran and rummaged through a draw for my binoculars, God knows how I didn’t break my neck on the laminate floor, then quick as a flash I regained position and hands shaking drew lens to my eyes. I can remember clearly the moment Helen’s bright window appeared, crystal clear and pin sharp, so close now I could make out expressions on her face and the room within, my heart pounding I propped my elbows on the sill and watched!!!!! I’d seen tits down blouses before, by chance mind, but now I was a proper voyeur lol.

I’ve watched Helen before but seeing her tonight was a whole lot different, I assumed this was her spare room but I’ve no idea it being situated above my eye line and set well back behind Street’s view, no one but me could see Helen and she certainly knew I wouldn’t be watching however I was, all very Hitchcock’s Rear Window! Well tonight for about 25 minutes or so she went about her homely duties, mainly carrying bundles of clothes around the room, folding sheets. Putting clean washing in draws? Who knows, just understand Helen was busy and I’m excited, both engrossed and fascinated I noticed she’d pause time to time under the apex of this small cramped space, stopping aside the smallish square open window, blind open, visible waist up, me watching.

Each time she’d stopped to pause for a second I could see she was wearing a skin tight tee shirt so figure hugging I could see the profile of her bosom but of course I could see no lower. Observing her was enough and I wasn’t masturbating, she looked so lovely against this bright white light, quiet deep in thought a side of her I’d never witnessed, a sexy lady and I fancied her 😦

Well after a few minutes of innocent voyeurism all the more exciting because the female recipient wasn’t aware, she paused again and did something so shocking I remember swallowing hard and the binoculars trembling, Helen suddenly pulled up her shirt from the waist moving her arms skywards stripping off the garment over her head, then she held it up to the light (not window) looked at it then folded and threw to her side, at this point I was totally stunned, gobsmacked, I couldn’t believe I was actually watching her undress, the first and only time in my life, my God a performance like this only really happens in filthy novels and artistic movies. To say I was amazed is an understatement, my mind was alive, my heart was pounding, the tip of my penis quivering, the lady opposite was wearing only a pretty white bra set against her pink naked body, Helen’s gorgeous and I’m partial to naturel small breasts 😉

Seconds later she reached her arms behind her back, unclipped her bra allowing the white straps to glide down her arms before again tossing the undergarment to her side, minutes ago I’d been watching the approaching soon to be thunderstorm peeking through curtains, and by pure glorious coincidence I now see a bright nude like painting of the lady opposite completely naked, with my binocular lens centred on her perfect small pert breasts, her pink skin and auburn hair. Nothing below mind but I didn’t care, tonight I was a voyeur intimately watching my neighbour Helen undress and in hindsight I’m at a loss as to why I didn’t faint or have a heart attack. Unbelievable! Incredible! Beautiful! OMFG!!!! Voyeurism is wrong but by God forbidden fruit tastes sweet.

Throughout this striptease performance I’d asked myself ‘what’s she looking at her gaze fixed on something across the room?’ She’d been alone, was it a mirror or picture and I could sense Helen’s mind was elsewhere, then she startled me, she stretched an arm again straight up in the air and proceeded to move her other hand underneath the armpit gently smoothing the palm against her skin, methodically moving in circling motions concentration etched across her face.

I should I have turned away shouldn’t I, closed the curtains and gone back to bed! You decide but it’s my window sill and the view out is mine!

Of course I kept watching.

Helen caressessed squeezed poked her breasts with two fingers then switching hands she repeated this now obvious checking ritual underneath the other pit of her other upward stretched arm all the while her face a picture of serene concentration, she even held them both at once as if pointing squirting sprays of milk at a mirror, I’m sure she was looking at her reflection in a mirror opposite? Of course by now I’d worked out what she was doing, I was witness to something very private and intimate, she was examining her breasts in a time honoured womanly routine her wistful concentration so beautiful it touched my soul (true), she’d been of course feeling for changes, I hope to God there were none and of course I was a very VERY lucky man.

So a question to any ladies reading and judging voyeur Andrew, remember that definition, I ask if you happened to be watching a neighbour strip naked then feel squeeze examine his testicles what would you do? Close the curtains? Go to bed? Or satisfy your voyeuristic appetite? Come on be honest now, no please don’t, but I have my own idea what you’d all do, one or two would be in bed long before now, one or two would have their hands down the front of their panties doing the things girls do, remember I’m NOT a nasty man.

So how did your late night adventure end Andrew? Well her breast examinations lasted five minutes then all of a sudden something startled her, perhaps a noise from the Street below or a sudden awareness she was in fact standing naked in her bedroom, lights on, aside an open window wide open because tonight was so damn hot and humid, who knows? But quick as a flash she pulled a forearm across her chest covering her breasts at the same time leaning forward forcibly pulling down the blind shut!!.

Performance over I caught my breath, my heart rate lowered as I climbed into bed and most amusingly of all still with my binoculars, then I slept like a baby totally utterly exhausted and btw at no point did I pleasure myself. Have I ever seen her undress again? NO because I never look out of my window unless there’s lightening to watch thunder to hear, in-fact that statement is absolutely true. Therefore I’ve never seen her again or attempted to, even on humid warm balmy evenings, I know for fact striptease displays, naked ladies, live breast examinations are coincidences that never ever happen again.’

🙂 So there you are, I ask is my voyeurism tale true or fiction? Is my incredibly vivid and erotic memory so etched across my mind only a story? I’ll allow the reader to decide 🙂


(I’m feeling happier tonight, pt 2 was well received.)


34 – Pt 3. This is a preface to MY OWN voyeur story!

Note this isn’t a movie review 🙂

To those of you reading in WordPress Land the screenshots are of course borrowed from the master of suspense and voyeurism himself, Alfred Hitchcock, and the annoying GIFs are taken from his movie ‘Rear Window’ where Jimmy Stewart is of course spying on Miss Lonelyheart, who may or may not be a Prostitute he never lets on, but I like to think ‘yes’ and my guess knowing Alfred Hitchcock Miss Lonelyheart is really a Hooker, he loved his blondes but who knows?

Conversely Miss Lonelyheart represents the disaster of single life, she was always being visited by single men, were they suitors? Or lovers? But that’s a different tale and I’m on a roll talking voyeurism.

This isn’t a movie review 🙂

After writing 2 posts titled ‘Voyeurism’ you would have assumed I’d done my homework and consulted a Dictionary, showed you a little professionalism, respected my reader, done some research like all you proper writers!

You’d have thought I’d looked up the true meaning wouldn’t you?

You’d be wrong, I was lazy.

Miss Lonelyheart (btw one of my favourite films)

I’d assumed Voyeurism just meant watching people go about their daily business but I was wrong, turns out the true definition is darker……a whole lot darker and even a little sinister!! Yes Downblouse and Upskirt are distasteful and illegal practices but I’d never fully appreciated ‘Voyeurism is the practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviours, such as undressing, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.’ (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

I’ll spare you any YouPorn voyeurism videos because I absolutely detest pornography and by that I mean legal consensual pornography between adults…….I truly hate it!

Voyeur (def): a person who obtains sexual pleasure or excitement from the observation of someone undressing, yep more darker and sinister than I’d first assumed. OK I agree Voyeur is only a word after all, but I wish I’d appreciated there’s a difference between watching someone get on a bus and secretly observing women undress err for examples sake!

Lol anyways now I know.

Actor Kevin Bacon voyeur to his ‘prey’ in the movie Hollow Man

I ‘penned’ a story on my previous blog which may or may not have been true. That blog’s long gone so I’ve decided to write again and I am not going to apologise for letting you decide again, bloggers keep replying telling me not to say sorry, they say 🙂 Andrew write what you wish and let the reader decide 🙂

So here’s my late night voyeuristic tale set against the backdrop of a very non typical English summers evening, I say non typical, I’m told in America’s Deep South hot and humid evenings are described as ‘swampy’ well if you live in England you’ll get two or three ‘clammy evenings’ a year! I’m labouring the point here with the humidity references but you get the idea when I say tonight was one of those evenings where you walk around the house naked, and so damn hot and humid you’re balls would be sweating 😀

One summer evening several years ago I happened to be looking out my bedroom window, the time was midnight and I’d just gotten out of bed.


‘Through slightly parted curtains I propped myself up against the bedroom window sill and looked across the fields behind the house opposite, tonight I was watching a truly spectacular thunder and lightening display, mother natures power can be truly awe inspiring……………..


(A little naughty of me to pause but I haven’t finished editing yet and gulp I only hope I haven’t, to borrow a cookery phrase, I hope I haven’t ‘over egged’ my tale to such an extent you’re disappointed!

I’ll tell you this much though, tonight’s events might or might not be true and I’m not telling which, but if you know me you’ll guess right.)

Pt 1  Pt 2 are hopefully an interesting read.



33 – Voyeurism pt 2

Continuation of part 1………….. Voyeuristic thoughts and musings 🙂

Downblouse (definition): Watching female breasts whilst looking down a woman’s dress also cleavage. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Do you have questions you’d love to know the answer to but never been brave or stupid enough to ask? Possibly you didn’t ask because a spoken enquiry would get you in to deep water or at least warrant a slap around the face……or both……..and probably you didn’t ask because that question is so personal it could even be deemed sexual assault! Ladies do you possess a sixth sense? Can you tell when a guy’s looking down your blouse?

I should like to say the photo below is a stock image from the internet I Google searched the phrase ‘Female Cleavage’ (for reasons to be elaborated on) and happened across this picture of a lady on a train, notice the logo VOYEURCLOUD.COM in the left hand corner proving I DIDN’T take it, so now that the ‘woman on a train’ ownership is crystal clear let me begin!

Google search engine image copyright unknown

Several years ago one sunny humid afternoon I was standing on a railway platform going somewhere (can’t remember where) then my train pulls into the station, so I board a coach only to find all available seats are occupied also people standing shoulder to shoulder around the door. So I push my way along a coach aisle coming to a halt directly between two seats with my hands holding their headrests to steady myself, then the train pulled out the station meandering its way through the English countryside.

I’m a great people watcher, I think everyone is, and I remember looking around that carriage observing people reading chatting daydreaming or wistfully gazing out the window and of course I was looking for pretty girls with their boobs bouncing up and down in time to the rocking coaches. All is not well though because I’m aware many people are watching me and that made me extremely self conscious I can tell you!

So when the passengers attention became too intrusive I’d look down at the floor and well since I defined Downblouse up top, you’ll have guessed what happened next! Yep I’d just looked directly down a seated young woman’s open collared white blouse and this being high summer, stifling hot, she’d quite a few top buttons undone! Then for the next ten minutes or so I’d look out the window, glance around the passengers faces seeing who’s watching, then look directly down her blouse again and not a word of a lie I nearly had an orgasm in my pants, in fact I can still picture her lacy bra and pink boobs now, omg what a train journey!!!!

What do you make of that admission? Incidentally similar plunging cleavage scenarios happen to me quite regularly 😉 but I guess at some point peering could become leering?

I’m getting side tracked here but who cares, no one’s reading, the most likely place to see a lucky Downblouse is Department Store payment counters, like M&S. I’ll be standing in line to pay for clothes and could well be watching a young lady assistant leaning forward over the counter, bend down to pick up a carrier bag then lean over the counter again. Truly wonderful voyeurism perhaps made more exciting because she doesn’t know I’m viewing her bra and boobs or does she? God now you’ve got me going, I could tell you many more instances but perhaps I’d better not.

Btw this always happens completely by chance!

Ok you’ve twisted my arm, here’s another scenario, I’ve travelled on buses and looked down many a ladies cleavage, perhaps that’s why I sit upstairs…………anything wrong admitting? Any harm in enjoying? But of course that brief glimpse never lasts long, over in a flash, however there was the lady sitting on a Delicatessen shop floor whilst I was waiting for my sandwich, same scenario, looking at her small boobs nestling inside a cute purple bra for what seemed an age, and before you ask no she didn’t notice then we went our separate ways. I’m NOT a perv, erotic moments like these 🙂 make life worth living living.

Here’s another photograph from the internet I didn’t take.tumblr_m74zmpyp8l1qzooqho1_500Now honestly I’ve only just realised she’s also sitting on a train……….so be careful ladies and don’t you think the pictures sharpen the mind? Btw pt 1 is a lot more serious and addresses this crime, Jesus f#ck what sort of a guy takes photos? Sick men that’s who and before you ask I own a £15 Nokia without a camera thank you very much!!!

Pt 3 is an intro to my own story.

I’ve been told off by several ladies for my post apologising so I won’t, judge me for writing but at least I’m honest and tell I tell a tale with affection. ❤








32 – Voyeurism – being secretly filmed Pt 1

So before you go getting your ‘knickers in a twist’ 😀 I’ve written this post for genuine reasons, the included newspaper article caught my eye when I first viewed on the internet so I thought this could make an entertaining if thought provoking post. Voyeurism is a modern day phenomenon and as you’ll all be aware men who secretly film women are sick and perverted, what they’re doing is illegal and in my opinion sexual assault, so yes Pt 1 is rather serious but Pt 2 is hopefully more amusing Pt 3 intriguing:)

WordPress are quite broadminded when it comes to issues discussed here, well they seem to be and I’ve been and checked their terms and conditions so all’s good good?

A Googled image, the lady knew she was being photographed.

Two illegal also socially and morally unacceptable voyeuristic definitions from Wikipedia which are key to this Post and the second to follow.

Upskirt: illegal voyeurism involving the practice of making unauthorized photographs under a woman’s skirt, capturing an image of her crotch area, underwear.

Downblouse: illegal voyeurism involving watching female breasts looking down a woman’s dress. It may take the form of making unauthorized photographs down the top of a female’s dress, blouse or other garment, capturing an image of her breasts or cleavage.

A question for you, have you ever asked yourself whether you’ve been followed by a male pervert holding a smartphone and he’s secretly been pointing a camera where he shouldn’t? Invading your privacy, sexual assaulting you? I came across this article below and thought it interesting reading:

Eveningstandard: Three men were arrested for filming and taking pictures up women’s skirts in separate incidents on the Tube last week as Police continued to crack down on sex offenders carrying out abuse on London’s transport network. The men were caught by officers at Green Park, Gunnersbury and Angel stations between 14-18 July.

A photograph is a digital tattoo is it not? Now you can quite rightly argue I am guilty as charged using the above photograph on this Post. Maybe? It’s a stock image, so with that fact in mind go back to those Wikipedia definitions and let’s say if you were to enter Downblouse or Upskirt into Google then many similar images will appear and on Google of all places, btw I Googled researching this post.

Several years ago, like you do, I attended a ‘last day at work Christmas party’, a slightly forced evening but fun, so there we were 50 or so mixed sex employees assembled in a staff refectory all rather self consciously standing around in groups chatting laughing having fun!! I’m a hell of a lot more confident with a glass of red in my tummy btw, lights were dimmed music was playing, all very convivial if a little false but we were enjoying ourselves also lol parties improve with alcohol 🙂 don’t they, so there we all were and I had this question on my mind.

Work colleagues aren’t necessarily close friends, you’re thrown together by the simple fact of occupation and there are people I would NEVER usually meet socially and no doubt vice versa lol. Yet I spend more time in close proximity with them than my own family, sometimes 8 hours a day 5 days a week lol. Well at the Xmas party I asked a female PA, for some reason you can no longer call admin assistants secretaries, they’re PA’s now……..I think it’s something to do with letting people know you’re very important plus you get a higher Grade….anyways don’t be so churlish Andrew.

Like I said I’m at this ‘party’ and I asked a lady PA why she wasn’t dancing, I wasn’t asking her if she wanted to dance with me!! No I was just curious why no one was letting their hair down? Then she answered with a reply which took me quite by surprise, “YouTube that’s why” and she wasn’t joking either! She explained further before we changed subject she was frightened someone might film her dancing, making a fool of herself, then Upload onto YouTube………and the penny dropped, this is exactly what happens, whatever you may be doing whether tripping over in the street or flashing ones panties on the dancefloor you may subsequently find yourself plastered across the internet…..ok I’m stating the obvious you all know what’s viewable on YouTube, but I guess watching Upskirt videos is all well and amusing unless the underwear happens to be yours!!! Internet photos are digital tattoos, they’re on the net for ever!

To be continued……………………….