If U looked at your Stats, has anyone been viewed in North Korea?

A reflective thoughtful Post from Andrew this evening, not forgetting concise! Only 427 words for a change πŸ™‚ I have a nature post coming but with Trump’s finger hovering over the nuclear button North Korea was on my mind.

the-internetIndulge me just this once a post where I delve a little deeper into my WordPress blog, we’re discussing statistics! I know there’s ‘nothing more boring than writing a blog about blogging!’ (I read that somewhere) but do you consider my question thought provoking? Are you being viewed in that most secretive of Countries North Korea?

I’ve been reading through my 2017 list of 85 Countries from across the globe and quite simply I am blown away that the list is so long, what? Let me explain, I’m not one to analyse my statistics (you frigging liar Andrew you’re always looking!) But time to time I look for the Countries where I’ve been viewed, it’s so easy to take for granted that someone from all those thousands of miles away in let’s say hmm China has taken the time to read something I’ve written. Amazing in lol more ways than one, and which posts are they reading? Pretty Woman on a Train the Ending, that possibility brings a smile, or perhaps anal erotica tales are banned in China? πŸ˜€

Perhaps my list betrays North Korea IS in-fact a Country like no other on the planet, a Country so backward poor and repressed they either don’t have the internet, or President Kim does all he can to stop Korean citizens having access to the information superhighway, not allowing them to think for themselves, witness political demonstrations fearing they may do a Romanian style assassination on him where Nicolae CeauΘ™escu and his wife were both murdered, his people no longer willing to be ruled by a Dictator……….. or perhaps Kim want’s to shield his public from the world’s horror stories not forgetting 90% of internet traffic is legal pornography. (Incidentally I’m not being serious, Korea’s human rights record is appalling!)

So have any of you popular bloggers been viewed in North Korea? πŸ™‚ Just interested.

  1. United States (1,144 views)
  2. United Kingdom
  3. South Africa
  4. India
  5. Canada
  6. Australia
  7. Pakistan
  8. Brazil
  9. Malaysia
  10. Nigeria
  11. Hungary
  12. Netherlands
  13. Trinidad & Tobago
  14. Spain
  15. France
  16. Italy
  17. Ireland
  18. Philippines
  19. Vietnam
  20. Singapore
  21. Bangladesh
  22. Ukraine
  23. Russia
  24. Turkey
  25. Sweden
  26. Kenya
  27. Kuwait
  28. Slovenia
  29. Poland
  30. European Union
  31. Czech Republic
  32. Bulgaria
  33. Romania
  34. Chile
  35. Denmark
  36. Norway
  37. Austria
  38. Greece
  39. Ghana
  40. Finland
  41. New Zealand
  42. Belarus
  43. U A E
  44. Saudi Arabia
  45. Nicaragua
  46. Morocco
  47. Georgia
  48. Niger
  49. Laos
  50. Cambodia
  51. Switzerland
  52. Indonesia
  53. Mexico
  54. Mongolia
  55. Peru
  56. Columbia
  57. Hong Kong
  58. Latvia
  59. Taiwan
  60. Croatia
  61. El Salvador
  62. Libya
  63. Lithuania
  64. Thailand
  65. Paraguay
  66. Lebanon
  67. Jordan
  68. Argentina
  69. Sri Lanka
  70. Malta
  71. Slovakia
  72. South Korea
  73. Angola
  74. Puerto Rico
  75. Bahrain
  76. Reunion
  77. Estonia
  78. Myanmar
  79. Egypt
  80. China
  81. Jamaica
  82. Japan
  83. Belgium
  84. Serbia
  85. Nepal (1 view)

All those tens of Countries and to think someone’s read a post or looked at my ancestor’s photos, quite amazing don’t you think?



Advanced warning!

Original andΒ Β© Andrew

After publishing this post I’m leaving my house, collecting Holly the collie from my mum, then I’m going to take her for a walk in the Cotswolds filming video footage also taking photographs along the way, all for a future local countryside post.

However there’s something I’d like to say first!


πŸ™‚ I’ve said several times throughout my one year ‘writing’ Blog Andrew, I am a theme-less ‘curiosity’, a combination of writing about anything and everything that captures my imagination, whether that be photos family fiction silliness or declaring my affections for the fair sex! In addition I write adhering to basically only three rules,

  1. Hopefully I’m entertaining to Follow.
  2. Always honest…………perhaps a little to revealing at times.
  3. Whatever the subject I never try to offend, never hateful………… but I wouldn’t contest if you thought me a touch male chauvinistic!
  4. Talk of religion and hate is banned here period!Β 

(5. I might not be ‘every ones cup of tea’ but I try hard πŸ˜€ )

Don’t fret I’m close to reaching my advanced warning!!

A lovely South African blogger who Follows me enjoys my family/nature photos and videos and tells me she skips my ‘naughty’ ones……………………. well H. my next post is a naughty post to avoid! Further still it’s specifically written in response to a lady blogger’s truly fabulous blog full of sexy tales relating to her own life. Well she wrote an entertaining post sharing tales of……….. no I’ll let you read her first paragraph in her own words so you CAN guess what my response will possibly read like,

Orgasms are hands down the most satisfying part of sex. I’ve had quite a few of ’em (quick math: on average about 2-ish a day, 14 a week, 60 a month, 750 a year, 5000 since I discovered them). So imma tell you all about how I experience them, how I make them happen, why I like them so much and the best (and the worst) ones I’ve ever had. Cum with me *winks* into ‘blank’s’ World of Orgasm……..

…..and incidentally the lady replied to my comment where I suggested I may write my own personal recollections into a post, to which she replied “But yeh I think you should totally do that!”………………..AND πŸ˜€ that’s something you should NEVER say to ME because I WILL…………….consequently a post will follow sooon (just begun) and it’ll beΒ  err hmm :/ hopefully entertaining and tasteful (not)…….I’m tired of all the terrible news stories from across the world, aren’t you?

Incidentally I have a recurring fantasy featuring nurses which sends me to sleep at night…..


You’ve been duly informed in advance!

Β© Andrew πŸ™‚

A message :D photos of my new kitchen and an Anniversary!!

Β© Andrew

Titling this evening’s PostΒ ‘A message………’Β reads like I have some great announcement to make, no I haven’t except I’d like to say to the lovely people who read and comment thank you. I haven’t written anything this last week however I haven’t finished and I have some future ideas, photos etc. But I’ve noticed I do suffer from quite noticeable mood swings which is kinda interesting, anyways I haven’t posted but I will be πŸ™‚ ………. wouldn’t half like to retire from work, my boss has even bigger mood swings than I do!

…………. and I might add my two erotic tales (pornography’s nearer to the mark) took it out of me, takes a lot of effort to write fictional tales but seriously I take a lot of care like you all do, and you don’t know how happy all those likes made me, wow erotic fantasy poetesses enjoyed reading, amazing……… :/ hmm I’m a bit of a ‘like tart’.

In the meantime I’ve splashed out and had a new kitchen installed hence the photos πŸ˜€ if anyone’s remotely interested………………… the old one my mother described as “an absolute disgrace!”

( :/ it is what it is…….. a kitchen!)

anniversary-2xCoincidentally at the same time as writing this evening I received a notification from WordPress tonight informing me I had been blogging here for one whole year, wow one year fancy that.

Then I glanced through my statistics and realised 803 people have liked a post perhaps enjoying a tale or two or the photos I’ve shared with you, thank you again and I really do mean that. πŸ™‚ I understand I’m a bit of a curiosity, a little obsessed with sex and perhaps tooo honest and revealing of my personality but that’s ok people enjoy reading and I have a loyal following which makes me happy. ❀


Sunday Roast with Mum. St. Peter and his blessed gates!

A work colleague and very good friend once said to me “Andrew the trouble with you is you think tooo much”, and do you know what, the more I learn and the longer I live I’m convinced overthinking is part of a human being’s DNA, you cannot change the way you are genetically programmed can you. A thought crossed my mind the other day, I do hope readers don’t think my posts are taken from my old blog or worse still penned years ago! Nope, every clumsily written Post is idly dreamt up at work and drafted a day or so before publishing. I’ve been thinking of stopping for a while, don’t get me wrong I adore WordPress and I WILL MOST definitely continue reading the bloggers I follow because I enjoy them tooo much, the only downside is their talented use of language and composition shows up my inadequacies as a writer or perhaps it’s a lack of ideas? You see my life is empty and uncomplicated when I should strive and strive again to fill it with joy, I can’t help thinking my inability to meet a female, become friends, marry or partner up will haunt me till my dying day………… but that’s ok, that’s life I guess, I have a LOT to be thankful for but I get this awful dreaded premonition over thinking may have screwed my whole life up! Come the fateful day when I reach those pearly gates and St. Peter says “So Andrew what have you done with your life my friend?”Β  I’ll answer “Not a lot Peter, you see I squandered it, I wasted that most precious of gifts time itself” and yes St. Peter will be angry, I’m sure it’ll be anger and not pity such a disgusting trait feeling sorry for oneself. Yep I fucked up big time and I never did get to have sexual intercourse in a car, that’s a big regret, love making in a car may not seem that important to you but it’s a major rights of passage between apprentice engineers electricians and practical young men, God the stories and b*llsh*t I’ve had to listen to lunch break after lunch break, lurid tales lavished by thirty of the greatest seventeen year old lads you could ever hope to meet, amazing disclosures explaining the complexities of getting a girls knickers off in the back seat of his first car, let alone the mountain that is giving the young lady a right good seeing to, surely position cowgirl in a mini metro is a physical impossibility? Or maybe a BJ is nearer the truth πŸ˜€ some of life’s more memorable stories are born of comradery. I’ve slept with quite a few women in my life, fourteen to be exact (is that above average?), but casual internet relationships and the like don’t count do they, (perhaps I’ve been far tooo honest here this past two years, distasteful even, disgusted readers). Where was I, yes true love is finding a good woman, however there’s another popular definition of love favoured by many bloggers, namely ‘soul mates’, turns out finding your soul mate is love’s Holy Grail, no? Perhaps you’ve been reading the wrong blogs then, but seriously finding one’s soul mate happens πŸ™‚ ………… where was I? Yes that flipping St. Peter……….perhaps come my fateful judgement day, it’ll finally dawn on me I should have spent my life believing in a God instead of being so dismissive of religion and spirituality, would a belief in a higher being, a supreme creator have cured me of my apathy, regrets and thoughts of missed opportunities, squandering gifts God given, not taking risks may have cost me dear? In my defence the odd lucky break would have been appreciated, I’ve never fully come to terms or coped well living with my drug resistant epilepsy this past twenty five years, not withstanding ‘the however many years that still remain’, that’s the real killer……………………….. :/ trouble is I don’t believe in a God, hmm this is a very self indulgent post but hey my blog and all that. For what it’s worth I’m convinced the real point to life is wait for it! The meaning of life ‘is to love and be loved’, simple as, without love living is meaningless and yes pointless, you may just as well be dead because your soul will be. My brother has a wife with children, I try not to envy him but increasingly I kinda do πŸ™‚ they’re such fabulous witty fun loving boys, the family all love each other and I’d bet M. and J. (parents) don’t wake up on a morning and throw the towel in, they can’t can they! There’s mouths to feed, clothes to pay for and they’re both blessed with love and fun that comes with having children.

Best stop there πŸ™‚

So πŸ˜€ after making clear my posts are original and new, today’s short tale is taken from Sunday last and I’d agree it’s not the most riveting of reads lol, however it’s honest to the core….and brief πŸ™‚

The dinner plate of delicious looking food below is often referred to as Britain’s traditional English Sunday roast dinner, and that particular one in the photograph was captured at my mother’s last Sunday lunch time, but please note the choice of meat can vary, perhaps pork chicken or my absolute favourite lamb with mint sauce! Wow what a combination!!!

So there you are, my dinner consisted of roast beef, roast potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, runner beans (growing in her garden fifteen minutes earlier) and two Yorkshire puddings and not for getting gravy made from the meat juices…………yum yum.

July 2017 046

…………… the photo below taken by me show’s mum stirring the gravy…………

July 2017 047
Mum making the gravy and Holly

…………and the photo below shows me washing up after we’ve eaten!

July 2017 050
Holly the Collie and me washing up afterwards

So a question for you, πŸ™‚ who gets the better deal, me having a Sunday roast made for me by mum? Or mum taking her dog for a long walk down by the river, through the meadows or circling the reservoir nature reserve? Personally I think I get the better deal, mum probably thinks she does because she’s a little arthritis and Holly has boundless energy, mind you two hours exercising in the rain is heavenly fun (hmm inadvertently back to Peter)………….AND don’t forget I do the washing up! πŸ˜€

I can cook for myself, everyone should be able to feed themselves in a civilised society, however I find preparing a meal hassle after a days work, anyways I’ll finish this post on an up note, popping over to mum’s for Sunday roast is richly anticipated and sincerely appreciated once eaten!

Β© Andrew