Throwing a ball with Holly the collie Sunday.

I’m annoyed, thoroughly brassed off and extremely tired, I have just spent the last hour writing a family themed Post which after pressing preview disappeared from view, consequently all my hard work is gone lost forever!

So tonight in place of my ‘long lost masterpiece’, here’s a video I filmed Sunday afternoon and for those of you who haven’t read earlier Posts Holly is the family collie ūüôā¬†

I’ve shared pet photos time to time on Blog Andrew, I ‘snapped’ the one below whilst staying over at my brother’s Christmas 2016……….ok that’s seven months ago but what the heck who doesn’t like doggy photos?………….And by the look of all that torn paper I think she’s just finished opening someone else’s present!!!

Holly Xmas

Incidentally you may remember Holly is a rescue dog who’d spent the early years of her life kept inside a cage, which resided in the kitchen of a Flat with NO GARDEN, frigging disgusting don’t you think? To cut a long story short she had a few problems when my mum rescued her, such as toilet training etc, BUT my mum put her straight and now she’s one of the family, the perfect pet friend……..perhaps don’t purchase a collie unless you have the time and patience to train, that’s very arrogant of me to suggest but they are highly intelligent dogs and require a lot of mental stimulation! But she’s fine now. ūüôā¬†

Sorry the photograph from last Christmas, the video was filmed yesterday.

© Andrew


31 – Pet Dog photos, (all but 2 are new)

A quick message to say thank you¬†to those who replied¬†yesterday evening, reading those comments¬†did really¬†help cheer me up ūüôā In real life I¬†don’t¬†know anyone in person on¬†WordPress and vice versa , yet over the last two years I feel as though I’ve¬†met so many lovely genuine people here. ūüôā¬†(I tell a lie I did meet one lady).¬†

On-line friendships and internet acquaintances are very different to real life but because blog writers are so open honest and revealing of their true thoughts stories and emotions¬†I’ve gotten to know many people from right around the globe and privately email several, yes¬†I lose touch when people finish, ‘go ghost’ or you simply drift apart but I deeply value the interactions with people I’ve met here in this little corner of the Internet, some of them know silly secrets (many ūüėÄ in fact!!!!!) about me ūüôā¬†which are unknown to any other living soul on earth, that’s been such fun,¬†yet they don’t judge and it’s always fun reading their replies after¬†one of my Posts.

Also I adore commenting bloggers I read and follow,¬†yes I’ve lost touch¬†over last two years, that’s life,¬†but I still REMEMBER many of their hilarious¬†often caring replies ahh lol!¬†ūüôā Andrew

A pet photographic post for you………..and we all enjoy looking at pet¬†pictures.

My Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother, baby Robert and housemaid Emma!

Now the above picture of my Great Grandfather Robert, his wife Jane and housemaid Emma is a rare and very old photo taken around 1900, Robert as you may already¬†know fought in the Anglo Dutch Boer War in South Africa, well after the British had won (Jury’s out on that one!!!) he¬†stayed on¬†in Africa and became a Military Policeman tasked with guarding Kimberly Diamond mines, which¬†I’m led to believe was¬†quite a responsible and respected occupation hence they ’employed’ a live-in housemaid by the name of Emma.

My Uncle refers to his Grandfather Robert as “that miserable bugger” which by the expression on his face seems about correct, he looks the type of self confident character who’d take no crap!

Their pet dog’s name eludes me right now¬†though I did¬†know it¬†once and¬†notice¬†he’s a¬†black and white collie again,¬†seems to be a tradition in our family! To begin with they take a lot of training because collies can be problem dogs, maybe that’s¬†because they’re so intelligent…..¬† ūüėÄ anyway we like to think so!


My mother who you’ve seen before
A previous border collie named ‘Belle’


‘Belle’ again

ūüėÄ Why can’t I find and marry a woman¬†like J? Adorable,¬†intelligent, EXTREMELY amusing, never angry, ¬†good looking, big busted,¬†witty, perfect¬†and a fantastic mother in fact an all round wonder woman!! My brother’s a lucky man and I never lie.

A 12 week old ‘Lucy’ and MY Father in need of a shave!
Probably my favourite of all, ‘Lucy’ looking for trouble, she could be a little horror ūüėÄ

Two more of Holly.

Mum with Holly and Lucy

I hope you enjoyed, Andrew