Bus Stop Bookworm

nnnnnnnnnnA smattering of regular readers to Blog Andrew maybe aware I work for a famous Educational establishment in Oxford, commuting to work from an outlying English Cotswold Town, if not there’s plenty of photographs of you to see on this blog, Churches and the like with skylines of honey golden lichen patches on limestone tiles.

I’m getting off point, each and every weekday morning Monday through to Friday, I’m witness to quite a remarkable young woman! There’s several reasons she catches my attention and I don’t use the term of remarkable lightly either. She’s two attributes that catch my eye, for one she’s in her early twenties, 5′ 5″, slim with jet back long hair and in a pretty girl next door sort of way a thin characterful face with a touch of a Roman nose, but quite attractive and you know me I’m a sucker for a young pretty face (18+) Lol you should, I’m going through my middle life crisis and have been since age 18!

recytowanieI said two attributes, what I meant to say was three it goes without saying to catch my eye she must have breasts of sort, and this lady has smallish rather prominent mounds under her baggy sweatshirts and I forgot to say she dresses unremarkably casual. But returning to my tale, her third and most relevant attribute is more a remarkable observation, a favourite of mine human behaviour!

I’ll keep half an eye out for her until each she appears coming round the corner by the ‘Sue Ryder Hospice shop’, she’s one of those people who takes small strides purposely but more than looks or boobs, what sets her apart is the young lady ALWAYS carries a raised open book in her right hand, her head held high walking towards me with eyes that’ll glance up from reading all with a serene expression of a lady having not a care in the world, a mind whisked elseware, though ‘yuck’ she holds a roll-your-own between fingers on her left but we won’t go there! ūüė¶¬†

Then she’ll sit next to me on the low wall opposite the stop continuing to read, never closing her book she’ll queue and alight the bus as she’s reading, sit on the bus for half an hour again reading engrossed in always a hardback, then finally she’ll get off at her Oxford Stop walk briskly to where ever she works and yes her hand held high reading her open novel! And being the voyeur people watcher that I am, sometimes I can see by the pages she’s beginning a book other times she’s nearing the end of her story, and this evening I saw her continue her reading routine the whole of the return journey hence prompting this post.

Each and every working day is the same, I’ve never seen her close her book or stop reading ever! I’d love to film her for a YouTube video……… only JOKING!

So I’ve NEVER seen the like of this female bookworm before and I honestly do mean that, her day to day routine is similar to the rest of us except, now I know women are expert multitaskers, this lady isn’t ever without an open book and I notice other people watch and takes sideways glances all with a quizzical look across their faces.

If I’m being honest I do feel quite embarrassed seated reading my daily free Metro newspaper, with it’s banal contents little more than sport, tittle-tattle of what’s going on in reality TV world and the odd stand out political headlines which regale and sensationalise Donald Trump’s latest Twitter feed of mangled verbal diarrhoea. It’s idle lazy journalism at it’s worst that pollutes ALL our media outlets! I swear to you I wouldn’t be surprised one morning picking up a copy and reading Trump had nuked North Korea overnight. I’m not joking!

Anyways returning to my beguiling female bookworm with jet black hair! Perhaps some of you aren’t impressed with this evenings tale, perhaps she captivates me because I loiter around WordPress in my spare time, work with philistines, whichever! ūüôā I’m not adverse to admitting she impresses and fascinates me just because her reading deportment stands out so, and I’m ever so curious as to what genre of fiction she favours, romance? Fantasy? Horror? Jane Austin and Charles Dickens?

But more than any question I’m thinking she must have quite a remarkably creative mind also imagination with the volume of fanciful tales, mystery, captivating plotlines, conspiracy, rounded interesting characters floating around her mind. People who read books do impress me (true) AND I don’t wish to sound pompous and arrogant and all lofty above myself , I’m no different to anyone else I’ll talk about all things banal all day long, so very sad I know! Now if the long jet black lady spends her entire day reading fiction, filling her head with imaginative tales then I the one am quite envious and like I said at the beginning I’ve never seen the like of this lady bookworm ever before.

:/ Hmm one day I’ll maybe strike up a conversation, we’d don’t in England apart just saying good morning nice weather. Maybe I’ll have the nerve to ask her a little more about her notably stand out literary habit mindful we’ve a notable age gap and I’d worry she’d think I was trying to pick her up. Then again one morning I may tell her about the book review bloggers I read on WordPress or would that appear rather false of me because to my utter shame I know I could do with reading more………incidentally a habit I’ve been improving since blogging and following on WordPress. :/ Perhaps the consequence of being skilled with one’s hands is the mind becomes methodical and unimaginative?

Or perhaps this lady’s behaviour isn’t so out of place with you?

Andrew ūüôā


Erotica ‘Pretty girl on a train’ (the ending)

( ūüôā A lady blogger asked me why I didn’t have a second blog just for my sexy stories (they’re not for everyone I agree). Hmm good point, a great point but no. So if you’re new to my blog there is no real theme just whatever ‘takes my fancy’ that evening ūüôā family, photography, sexy stories, cookery, sex, nature, Life in Oxford, sex, music anything and everything with humour? One rule, religion! Discussing religion is banned here)

Original story written by¬†¬©Andrew¬†(A story for mums dads and adults only, if you’re under 16 believe me it’s boring! ūüôā go play a computer game it’ll be more fun and note this adheres to WP guidelines)tactics-every-guy-must-know-to-kiss-a-girl-07

Continued……………… “Emily I’ve got no condom!! a mixture of shock and distress in my voice!

Emily recoiled back toward the window, releasing her arms from around my neck pushing my shoulders away at the same time, two strangers facing each other less than two feet apart, every sinew and muscle squeezed tight holding my body stiff, she looked into my eyes our waists the only part of our bodies touching, now raising a finger to my lips she said,

“It’s ok Andrew”……”I’m clean and I trust you”, smiling a wicked love in her eyes,

“I never f*ck with a condom anyway, I only take a man if I can feel the skin of his dick inside me”, throwing her head back giggling like a sex starved girl from a single sex boarding school.

Pushing me away still further, so forcibly, my back hit the cubicle door slamming it shut, “God that hurt” I whispered to myself, visions of a trolley dolly listening the other side, witnessing the dirty deed I was gonna inflict on this pretty girl with auburn hair.

Emily reached down grabbed the hem of her tee shirt at her waist pulling it toward the ceiling, the stretchy cotton fabric revealing her large round breasts and yes her nipples were as big as I’d imagined chocolate brown against pale pink skin. One final tug at her hair as she pulled the garment over head, brunette bangs kissing Emilie’s cheeks as they dropped to her shoulders, finally placing it in the sink.

Jesus what vision of a woman, I devoured her bouncing breasts with my eyes until I could gaze no more, then pushing my ass into the door I grabbed hold of her boobs with both hands feeling her hard pointed nipples pressing into my palms.

Continuing to seduce me with her sexy voice now hushed so no one could hear, “you’re gonna screw me in the ass” pulling a tube of lubricant from her pocket with her right hand,¬† even if she could have seen my face I don’t think my wide open mouth and shocked expression was gonna stop her greasing up!

Emily facing the glazed window, I pulled her jeans down revealing peachy butt cheeks, yet she wore no knickers, ‘well perhaps that ticket collector does have them after all?’ Squeezing the remaining tube contents into the palm of her hand, she demanded one final time, “Andrew you are going to fuck me in my ass” as she reached round dividing her two cheeks, fingers opening her butt hole with one hand, fingers of the other pressing as much lubricant as she could physically force inside. Then all done she went back to gripping the rim the ceramic sink, receptive, ready,

“are you a virgin” I asked

“you ARE joking!” Looking back at me mystified, “I f*cked the ticket collector earlier AND he’s got my knickers AND I got my period” she grumbled!!

‘Jesus is this another dream?’ My bewildered mind caving into reality

“F*CK ME!!” grabbing hold of my hard penis so tight it hurt, oh yes Emily is alive her fingers circling around my purple tip, then releasing her hold, gripping the vibrating sink, I pressed into her asshole sending shivers up my spine as I touched her slippery opening, wincing slightly Emily says,

“Come on, there’s not much time, I want your cum inside me”,

Not a man to be asked twice, her soft ass cheeks divided, my engorged hard-on penetrated Emily’s warm anus, it’s slippery coating taking me deep inside, then I began to f*ck that tight asshole, god how I f*cked her pounding thrusting my groin at her arse in time to the rocking carriage, my penis shaft pulling half out then straight back in, pressing my hardness ever deeper into her rectum, my girth making her hole sting, Emily squeal with every violent stroke.

Out of breath as if I’d just sprinted a mile, I could palpably feel my balls rise, their storks contract as my scrotum tightened, ever faster harder my torso slapped into her ass, back of her hands showing white from gripping the rim so forcibly, her forehead kissing the glazed glass panel, Emily’s stinging anus making her eyes near cry then slowing the force of my stroke stopping to near standstill, I looked to the skies, but all I see is dirty yellow Formica ceiling and calmly saying,

“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.”

Emily now looking back lucid and in total control of her senses, understanding the precarious position she’s in, unlike me slowing from near frenzy I held my pause before orgasm as long as I could, not waiting for her answer just holding onto those pleasurable moments surely a gift from God, only a man knows how they feel, spends his whole life craving those seconds.

Then one final remark from Emily pleading “Well f*cking cum then” at the same moment as my groin orgasmed, a convulsion from my hips along the shaft of my lubricated phallus, a near ejaculate explosion between parted ass cheeks, finally pumping semen deep from within my balls into her rectum, me so far inside her now, thick phallus stretching her walls to a limit, Emily near crying tears of pain as I thrust her every last drop of my creamy ejaculate!

Still inside her my brutal violation of her backside subsiding, my breath returning to normal, hands still tight aside her waist, silence was broken by a loud thud on the door, followed my a worried ticket collector’s voice,

“are you ok in there Emily” There’s a girl come running from outside the toilet screaming to her mother!!” Screaming! I said to myself, thank God she hadn’t seen what I’d just done, unaware of what dirty filthy joy me and Emily had consummated and WTF he called her Emily!!¬†

He asked again,“well are you ok? She’d desperate to use the lavatory!”

Emily coming to her senses as we uncoupled, reaching her hands down searching for her jeans replying to the train guard a tremble in his voice!

“Wait one second we’ve finished!”



(I hope you enjoyed ūüôā )

Comment 13/09/2017 – A lady commented elsewhere asking if this tale is true, what about HIV and STD’s! Perhaps I hadn’t made myself clear enough, this is a wholly fictional story and by-the-by, I always wear condoms because of STD’s, pregnancy! ūüôā My message is ALWAYS wear condoms ‚̧

34 – Pt 3. This is a preface to MY OWN voyeur story!

Note this isn’t a movie review ūüôā

To those of you reading in WordPress¬†Land the screenshots are of course¬†borrowed from the master of suspense and voyeurism himself, Alfred Hitchcock, and the annoying GIFs are¬†taken from¬†his movie ‘Rear Window’¬†where Jimmy Stewart is of course spying on Miss Lonelyheart, who may or may not be a Prostitute he never lets on, but I like to think¬†‘yes’¬†and my guess knowing Alfred Hitchcock Miss Lonelyheart is really a Hooker, he loved his blondes¬†but who knows?

Conversely Miss Lonelyheart¬†represents the disaster of single life, she was always¬†being visited by single men,¬†were they suitors? Or lovers? But that’s a different tale and I’m on a roll talking voyeurism.

This isn’t a movie review ūüôā

After writing 2¬†posts titled ‘Voyeurism’ you would have assumed I’d done my homework and¬†consulted¬†a Dictionary, showed you a little professionalism, respected¬†my reader, done some research like all you proper writers!

You’d have thought I’d looked up the true meaning wouldn’t you?

You’d be wrong, I was lazy.

Miss Lonelyheart (btw one of my favourite films)

I’d assumed Voyeurism just meant watching people go about their daily business but I was wrong, turns out the true definition is darker……a whole¬†lot darker and¬†even a little sinister!!¬†Yes Downblouse and Upskirt are¬†distasteful and illegal practices but I’d never¬†fully appreciated ‘Voyeurism is¬†the practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviours, such as undressing,¬†or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.’ (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

I’ll spare you any YouPorn¬†voyeurism videos¬†because I absolutely detest pornography and by that I mean legal consensual pornography between adults…….I truly hate it!

Voyeur (def): a person who obtains sexual pleasure or excitement from the observation of someone undressing, yep more darker and sinister than I’d first assumed. OK¬†I agree Voyeur is¬†only a word after all, but I wish I’d appreciated there’s a difference between watching someone get on a bus and secretly¬†observing women undress err for examples sake!

Lol anyways now I know.

Actor Kevin Bacon voyeur to¬†his ‘prey’ in the movie Hollow Man

I¬†‘penned’ a¬†story on my previous blog¬†which may or may not have been true. That blog’s long gone so I’ve decided¬†to write again and¬†I am not going to apologise for letting you decide again, bloggers keep replying telling me not¬†to say sorry, they say ūüôā Andrew write what you wish and let the reader decide ūüôā

So here’s my¬†late night¬†voyeuristic tale¬†set against¬†the backdrop of¬†a very non typical English summers¬†evening, I say non typical, I’m told in America’s Deep South hot and humid evenings are described as ‘swampy’ well¬†if you live in England you’ll get two or three ‘clammy evenings’ a year!¬†I’m labouring the point here with the humidity references but you get the idea when I say¬†tonight was one of those evenings where you walk around the house naked, and so damn hot and humid¬†you’re balls would be¬†sweating ūüėÄ

One summer evening several years ago I happened to be looking out my bedroom window, the time was midnight and I’d just gotten out of bed.


‘Through slightly parted curtains I propped myself up¬†against the¬†bedroom¬†window¬†sill and looked across the¬†fields behind the house opposite, tonight I was watching a truly spectacular thunder and lightening display,¬†mother natures power can be truly awe inspiring……………..


(A little naughty of me to pause¬†but¬†I haven’t¬†finished editing yet¬†and gulp I only hope I haven’t, to borrow a cookery phrase,¬†I hope I haven’t ‘over egged’¬†my tale¬†to such an extent¬†you’re disappointed!

I’ll tell you this much though, tonight’s events might or might not be true¬†and¬†I’m not telling which, but if you know me you’ll¬†guess right.)

Pt 1  Pt 2 are hopefully an interesting read.