Free Hugs from Uni Students?

(For the lady in Nigeria I haven’t forgotten the hedgehog photos, they’re coming sooon 🙂 )

An observational thoughtful post this evening 🙂 Perhaps I’m a World-weary cynic for definite? Or one of life’s realists? You decide 🙂 (Btw if you want to know what Savile looks like you’ll have to Google his image.)

free-hugs-boy-girl-hugs-love-hug-black-and-white-cute-adorable-beautiful-pretty-smile-aUp until very recently University students in my home City used to give free hugs.

Let me elaborate I give no secrets away when I reveal I live in Oxford UK, a year on year City of eternal youth and I guess this beacon city of high academia has been like this for nigh on 800 years. Come early September, the start of Michaelmas term time and Oxford is awash with a new intake of eager excited fresh faced youngsters, suitably named Fresher’s. A term I’m sure those of you who’ve been to Uni will be well aware of.


I’ll wander around the science complex this time of year, in the name of working for a living I might add, or walk into town at lunch breaks notable for the disappearance of summer tourists to be replaced by 17 year olds embarking on further education and if they work hard there’ll be awarded a deservedly graded degree and then the World is their oyster to do as they please, I’m NOT joking!

Oxford selects the brightest and best student minds from across the globe, especially the Far East because they bring double the funding of English kids, and I don’t understate the fact if they get a good degree the attached name Oxford is a passport to greater things. A good grade carries kudos respectability high achievement and I’ll labour the point one final time Oxford graduates become politicians, captains of industry, wealthy, run global Corporations, they are the brightest and the best. (Well the majority are, I’ve come across lol students who haven’t grasped the meaning of the phrase common sense).

:/ Bearing in mind the err (some) content on my blog and in the interests of secrecy perhaps I should qualify I may reside in the University City of Cambridge? Say attached to the Dept. of Humanities, lol 😉 you decide.

What? lol.

220px-'FREE_HUGS',_Speaker's_Corner,_Hyde_Park,_LondonReturning to gleeful excited full of the joys of life Fresher’s, you remember where excitement ambition, youthful enthusiasm can be intoxicating! 

As long as I can remember around the time of Fresher’s week small groups of undergraduates, not long left school impressionable, would congregate on the pavement outside a famous (no name) bookstore, shoppers would notice them because students displayed a card or erected a hand written sign which read ‘FREE HUGS’ or some variation. Now bare in mind this service wasn’t sanctioned by the University, wasn’t a Club you could join picked from a long list containing amongst others the infamous Bullingdon club, a select Society for smug privileged arrogant young men from public schools, you may have heard of it, PM David Cameron and future PM Boris Johnson were members, a nasty bunch a nasty Society…………and I’ve heard a few tales! 


No you’ll not find FREE HUGS on any list of Societies to join, this small group of students standing outside a bookshop, doted around Oxford, would appear to be little more than well meaning friends who came up with a good wheeze, then again hugging used to be a  serious global movement! Well  now and again I used to walk past this curiosity and no I never once availed myself of a hug, not even from a pretty young female student, nope and you should believe me. Why? It just didn’t feel right. :/

Charlottesville 2017, the irony isn’t lost!

Being honest even up until recently, and Savile (read on), hugging a stranger seemed creepy or am I a cynical guy mistrustful of another human beings motives? I’m a people watcher, one of life’s voyeurs so perhaps that’s why HUGS FOR FREE always caught my attention for nigh on a decade plus. I couldn’t help sensing, I don’t know, hugging women you don’t know seems well creepy, hugging is such an intimate act between lovers and family it always seemed a very naĂŻve and fool hardy thing to do with someone they know not from Adam!

And some students didn’t hold back either, I can remember young women would fling their arms around a complete stranger’s neck squeezing them tight, so very strange I guess that’s the innocence of youth, they either had no inhibitions, judged and selected their victim for appropriateness or perhaps naively just went for it! ❀

Was I reading tooo much into my fears?

However this September something’s changed outside that bookshop, no one congregates to give FREE HUGS any longer, not for the past two three years and I think it’s because we live in more uglier troubled times, Britain doesn’t feel as friendly as it once was. 😩

a3yhyFree-hugsI must make clear I recall this service simply because hugging was so out of the ordinary, rather odd very un British and devoid of normal human behaviour. Then every year, for some unknown reason about the beginning of October, the group of youngsters and hugging service disappeared until next autumn? I guess put hugging down to youthful exuberance and the vanishing down to boredom or a realisation that in modern Britain such open armed affectionate behaviour toward complete strangers wasn’t a great idea.

For all my prurient misgivings last week I found myself reflecting as I passed the bookshop, ‘seems a shame this ever changing band of happy individuals are no longer there, and why?’ Hmm I have a feeling events of recent years are to blame! Understandably!

d97f06f461e4fd8d633d7f5299a0d4dfSo for the last three years or so the FREE HUGS unofficial Society has disappeared, and to those who work in Oxford (or Cambridge) I can’t help thinking it’s due to the actions of one Jimmy Savile. I’ll not dwell but this odious disgusting evil man, Britain’s most infamous serial rapist and paedophile, guilty of crimes against women spanning five decades all undetected till 2012, has changed Britain for evermore. Uncle Jimmy’s only redeeming quality is that after his crimes and those of his fellow DJ’s came to light, week by week, month by month, year by year since 2012 victims have found the strength and bravery to go to the Police and report wicked awful crimes done to them whatever they may be.

tumblr_mg1jbdubsy1rlr4tfo1_500Recent (and historic) sex crimes have changed Britain for evermore, we’ve grown up even, we’re a people now aware sexual assault can no longer be turned a blind eye to. Every important Organisation in the land whether that be the health service, teaching, church, military or youth organisation, now have set guidelines in place for both reporting sex crime also vetting of employees up and down the land. Britain feels a changed Country whether that be for celebrity or commoner, so perhaps that’s why HUGS FOR FREE no longer exist. 

BUT!!!! And this tale STILL plays on my mind, I’m 99% sure I witnessed a sex crime yet for the sheer speed of events I didn’t really do anything except walk past her several times, agonising if I should say something and if you’re at all interested I still think I did right by not telling her. Hmm :/

Free-HugsMen have to be aware of how their actions towards women could be taken, o ur conduct misconstrued as inappropriate. However it’s not terribly difficult to do in reality, you treat women with the respect they deserve, in fact treat all human beings you yourself would expect to be treated and all will be well. If we all recognise understand Britain will never be a utopic society then as a Country we have to try harder and we’ll ‘fingers crossed’ be the better for it. BUT this collective catharsis has some way to go yet, the odious Jimmy Savile and his disgusting action’s will reverberate for many years to come, five more years? Forever? Yes forever but I’m truly hoping Britain will become a more trusting happier Country to live in, just like it used to be 🙂

Genuine and full of humanity

I understand I dwelt a rather long time on one evil Jimmy Savile, do you believe in God? Then you must believe in the Devil, perhaps you’ve heard of Savile, a nasty man and do you know what deep down I think we all knew he was a creep, in hindsight it’s so obvious he hid in plain sight, as a child I’d see him kissing young women on ‘Top Of The Pops’ and think that ain’t right! He’s old enough to be their father.

free-huddgs.jpegSo returning to the free hugs from naĂŻve  youngsters one final time, perhaps these cheerful students have disappeared because they realise Britain isn’t a very nice place to live in at present, frequented by not very pleasant individuals then subsequently thought ‘flinging my arms around a strange male’s neck and hugging him ever-so tightly’ isn’t such a great idea in post Jimmy Savile England. :/ Rather sad but I’m afraid very true!

Andrew 🙂



(I know I know 😀 I’m up to my old bad habits again, promising a post then publishing something different on a whim but hey that’s blogging………. note a post about a fun fair I visited last Monday comes next also a back garden nature post follows soon, I promise! Btw I’m done with tales of masturbation 🙂 )

A post in response to Gayatri Sharma’s how-important-are-you. (click there)

I enjoy writing response posts, they’re not specifically a reply to the blog author even though they were the inspiration, no my thoughts are open to anyone kind enough to read.



I hadn’t heard of Calvin and Hobbes ‘A Starry Night’ comic story until this evening, or the two characters for that matter which surprises me because I adore cartoons intended for adults, not the Simpsons mind ‘yawn’, no I’m more ‘Family Guy’, ‘King of the Hill’ and our very own ‘Monkey Dust’ now banned in the UK all because the story lines speak the truth making UK Politician’s nervous and uneasy, but isn’t that the point to satirical nonsense? 

Enough politics.

Calvin’s rather philosophical observation, “If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.” 

Hobbes inquires, “How so?”

“Well, when you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day.”

…………….Are very clever incisive and profound thoughts and yet again as often happens on my WP, as I read the afore mentioned lady’s post my own memories of an evening spent with my brother came flooding back! Amazing how the mind works, the brain has the power to recall a time, a place, a thought which I can clearly remember having twenty years ago all because of some simple trigger! Truly amazing.

A time long ago before my bother was married and just after he’d graduated in medicine from University, we two collected together our walking boots, rucksack, tent, sleeping bag, cooking stove, because we were going camping if you hadn’t already guessed. We assembled all these items, jumped in my beaten up rusty old Mini car which ‘crabbed’ because the rear sub frame was bent, then set off for the long drive into Wales or more specifically making for the Brecon Beacons and for those of you none the wiser Brecon Beacons is a very beautiful English National Park.

:/ unfortunately I’ve no photographs!

I shan’t bore you with tooo much detail of our planned weekend, simply because there’s little to explain, we parked the car in some secluded car park I can’t remember where? Got kitted with our rucksacks and proceeded to hike the Beacons however don’t envisage images of high mountains, no the National Park is a steep climb through hills of bracken and moorland, intersperse with fast flowing streams carrying rain water off the peaks yet having said all that you have to be pretty fit to hike there!

Forgot to mention we’d taken my mum’s first collie with us and mum was EXTREMELY nervous about letting us take her precious dog, lol not worried about us two but the dog yes!

I should say all three of us survived the weekend fit and well and if the collie could speak she had the best weekend of her life roaming the moors, they’re bred for moor work, she loved it!

I digress always a failing of mine, usually veering to tales of sexy times with naughty women and their fabulous tits, large or small I don’t care, but hey this post is meant to be worthy philosophical possess great insight and intellect so I’ll return to Calvin’s profound observations! (I know his author’s)

As dusk approached on either the first or second evening, we set up camp close to a large copse of trees, lit a fire always a popular activity with men I guess cave man instincts and all that, I hauled a fallen tree to lay across the fire and then we cooked and ate a meal, :/ forgot to say we packed food it’s all coming back to me now. After eating tea and bare in mind this is a time pre internet, this is the point in my tale where the cartoon becomes relevant again, you see as the cloudless night drew in, we both lay on the grass alongside each other gazing at the great expanse of stars against the clear black sky.

I know this sounds cheesy but as everything else I write on this Blog it’s all true as happened.

What makes this scene even more poignant is remember we two camping travellers were possibly the highest human beings in Britain that evening (illegally camping I might add) and the height and remoteness meant zero light pollution, because as you know city lamplight is the blight for anyone wishing to star gaze in our Country.

I own a telescope!

Pitch black it was, without a torch you couldn’t see more than well, you just couldn’t see further than one metre and thinking back such darkness is hard to comprehend these days. So there we both lay on our backs in the heather gazing at the expanse of stars, breath taking it was simply because there were so many, a total absence of light polluting the depth of visible of space was even more notable because I’ve never witnessed a night sky like it since!

Incredible it was.

Returning to Calvin’s thoughts one final time, I can clearly remember have a similar conversation with my brother that starry evening many years ago, and it’s a memory which floods my mind every so often prompted by a thought a movie or something I read. Even right this very moment I can visualise laying in the heather next to my brother, neither able to see each other, an eerie spooky silence but for the sound of a fox and I’ve just remembered something else! The collie’s instincts and hearing alerted her minutes before us two heard the fox, just goes to prove they have amazing hearing.

:/ we were sure it was a fox?

Anyways there we both were my brother and I having a very similar conversation to Calvin and Hobbes, and I have to passionately agree with the author, if human beings could all stop arguing and fighting for a second, switch off ALL media devices and just quietly gaze into the vastness that is space, only our thoughts for companions, comprehend that each white spot is a star (twinkles if it’s a star and not a planet, my brother told me how to tell the difference) then we’d be better people, true don’t you think?

Even today in these light polluted times if we gazed contemplated the meaning of life, comprehended the fact light emitting form each dot has travelled billions of miles, each cluster of white dots is a milky way or galaxy light years away, I’m convinced we’d be better people for thinking about the nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, realising that our lives are completely insignificant.


In fact I’m positive we could all learn from doing a little star gazing like that incredible never to be repeated cloudless evening many years ago, a time my thoughts wandered and I became rather embarrassingly philosophical, life’s problems worries bullshit and human destructive madness kinda became worthless and irrelevant hmm I’m thinking I should try it more often, in fact I will!

Calvin’s right, there are more important things than what people do all day!



Belle was that collie!


Sheltering in a Cemetery out of the rain!

I don’t have a problem church cemeteries, in-fact I quite like them!

Don’t go yet! This isn’t Andrew becoming all morbid and depressing on you, 🙂 nope my blog is a positive happy blog where religion controversy and death are banned! Sex nature and photography yes! I’m here to hopefully be interesting, make you smile or subject you to my silly stories.

Whilst walking into Town early this afternoon the heavens suddenly opened and I became ensnared captured by a torrential rainstorm, now catch 22 if I about turned and went home I’d get soaked, if I carried on I’d get just as wet, so I thought sod it and soldiered on through the rain into Town.

One silver lining to my cloudy story was bumping into my neighbour from around the corner. She’s a lovely lady, a plain Jane but then I’m no Richard Gere, she’d gotten caught in the rain as well but even worse, as a woman who wears bras to small for her bust size, she looked as though she’d just come from a wet tee shirt competition, and by the look at her bosom she’d just won!

m 015
Saint Mary’s church cemetery Witney Town


Where was I? Oh yes getting caught in a British summertime rainstorm, so I carried on into Town, purchased a celery and cheese sandwich and orange juice, paid, stepped outside into the rain and the choice was either wander around Town, getting soaked to the skin looking in shop windows or head for the park and sit in the dry somewhere.

I don’t mind church cemeteries, I’m not one of those people who get freaked with the thought of entering one let alone spending time amongst all those headstones. Ancient English cemeteries are known to be havens for wildlife, quiet undisturbed secluded habitats where wildflower species are left to flourish the length and breadth of England and for some reason that escapes me right now, nearly all possess they’re own Yew Tree! (Blood of Christ?)

So getting wet and with time to spare I went into our thirteenth century church cemetery, found a dry conifer tree to sit under for shelter and ate my lunch and you’ll be surprised to read I quite enjoyed the experience, there’s not many places left in busy bustling British Towns that are as quiet and undisturbed such as these peaceful sanctuaries, I don’t want to become too deep but for the first time in a while, devoid of the internet phones tablets and Wi-Fi, I found myself in quite a contemplative frame of mind, spiritual even, which I haven’t experienced for quite, so I sat under a tree in the rain and listened to what Andrew had to say for himself.

Nothing morbid mind, I thought about problems at work, family, money! And cleared my mind, or at least tried to, putting some of my life worries in some sort of order. So much of our personal problems at the end of the day are just not worth worrying about and well without becoming tooo deep and meaningful, three quarter’s of an hours peace and quiet is something I’d wholly recommend.

However not in a dentist’s waiting room, that’s lazy and doesn’t work anyway, I mean go sit in a peaceful cemetery and just let your mind and imagination wander, a little quiet contemplation can be quite refreshing and good for the soul!


Sunday Roast with Mum. St. Peter and his blessed gates!

A work colleague and very good friend once said to me “Andrew the trouble with you is you think tooo much”, and do you know what, the more I learn and the longer I live I’m convinced overthinking is part of a human being’s DNA, you cannot change the way you are genetically programmed can you. A thought crossed my mind the other day, I do hope readers don’t think my posts are taken from my old blog or worse still penned years ago! Nope, every clumsily written Post is idly dreamt up at work and drafted a day or so before publishing. I’ve been thinking of stopping for a while, don’t get me wrong I adore WordPress and I WILL MOST definitely continue reading the bloggers I follow because I enjoy them tooo much, the only downside is their talented use of language and composition shows up my inadequacies as a writer or perhaps it’s a lack of ideas? You see my life is empty and uncomplicated when I should strive and strive again to fill it with joy, I can’t help thinking my inability to meet a female, become friends, marry or partner up will haunt me till my dying day………… but that’s ok, that’s life I guess, I have a LOT to be thankful for but I get this awful dreaded premonition over thinking may have screwed my whole life up! Come the fateful day when I reach those pearly gates and St. Peter says “So Andrew what have you done with your life my friend?”  I’ll answer “Not a lot Peter, you see I squandered it, I wasted that most precious of gifts time itself” and yes St. Peter will be angry, I’m sure it’ll be anger and not pity such a disgusting trait feeling sorry for oneself. Yep I fucked up big time and I never did get to have sexual intercourse in a car, that’s a big regret, love making in a car may not seem that important to you but it’s a major rights of passage between apprentice engineers electricians and practical young men, God the stories and b*llsh*t I’ve had to listen to lunch break after lunch break, lurid tales lavished by thirty of the greatest seventeen year old lads you could ever hope to meet, amazing disclosures explaining the complexities of getting a girls knickers off in the back seat of his first car, let alone the mountain that is giving the young lady a right good seeing to, surely position cowgirl in a mini metro is a physical impossibility? Or maybe a BJ is nearer the truth 😀 some of life’s more memorable stories are born of comradery. I’ve slept with quite a few women in my life, fourteen to be exact (is that above average?), but casual internet relationships and the like don’t count do they, (perhaps I’ve been far tooo honest here this past two years, distasteful even, disgusted readers). Where was I, yes true love is finding a good woman, however there’s another popular definition of love favoured by many bloggers, namely ‘soul mates’, turns out finding your soul mate is love’s Holy Grail, no? Perhaps you’ve been reading the wrong blogs then, but seriously finding one’s soul mate happens 🙂 ………… where was I? Yes that flipping St. Peter……….perhaps come my fateful judgement day, it’ll finally dawn on me I should have spent my life believing in a God instead of being so dismissive of religion and spirituality, would a belief in a higher being, a supreme creator have cured me of my apathy, regrets and thoughts of missed opportunities, squandering gifts God given, not taking risks may have cost me dear? In my defence the odd lucky break would have been appreciated, I’ve never fully come to terms or coped well living with my drug resistant epilepsy this past twenty five years, not withstanding ‘the however many years that still remain’, that’s the real killer……………………….. :/ trouble is I don’t believe in a God, hmm this is a very self indulgent post but hey my blog and all that. For what it’s worth I’m convinced the real point to life is wait for it! The meaning of life ‘is to love and be loved’, simple as, without love living is meaningless and yes pointless, you may just as well be dead because your soul will be. My brother has a wife with children, I try not to envy him but increasingly I kinda do 🙂 they’re such fabulous witty fun loving boys, the family all love each other and I’d bet M. and J. (parents) don’t wake up on a morning and throw the towel in, they can’t can they! There’s mouths to feed, clothes to pay for and they’re both blessed with love and fun that comes with having children.

Best stop there 🙂

So 😀 after making clear my posts are original and new, today’s short tale is taken from Sunday last and I’d agree it’s not the most riveting of reads lol, however it’s honest to the core….and brief 🙂

The dinner plate of delicious looking food below is often referred to as Britain’s traditional English Sunday roast dinner, and that particular one in the photograph was captured at my mother’s last Sunday lunch time, but please note the choice of meat can vary, perhaps pork chicken or my absolute favourite lamb with mint sauce! Wow what a combination!!!

So there you are, my dinner consisted of roast beef, roast potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, runner beans (growing in her garden fifteen minutes earlier) and two Yorkshire puddings and not for getting gravy made from the meat juices…………yum yum.

July 2017 046

…………… the photo below taken by me show’s mum stirring the gravy…………

July 2017 047
Mum making the gravy and Holly

…………and the photo below shows me washing up after we’ve eaten!

July 2017 050
Holly the Collie and me washing up afterwards

So a question for you, 🙂 who gets the better deal, me having a Sunday roast made for me by mum? Or mum taking her dog for a long walk down by the river, through the meadows or circling the reservoir nature reserve? Personally I think I get the better deal, mum probably thinks she does because she’s a little arthritis and Holly has boundless energy, mind you two hours exercising in the rain is heavenly fun (hmm inadvertently back to Peter)………….AND don’t forget I do the washing up! 😀

I can cook for myself, everyone should be able to feed themselves in a civilised society, however I find preparing a meal hassle after a days work, anyways I’ll finish this post on an up note, popping over to mum’s for Sunday roast is richly anticipated and sincerely appreciated once eaten!

© Andrew

52 – Afternoon silly musings and an update

(Note the lady is 49 years young)

I shouldn’t apologise for my absence should I, 🙂 I know I haven’t posted for a while which is ok just appreciate I read every post my favourite bloggers share, whether poetry, mental illness, paintings, relationship advice, movie reviews and so much more. A ‘Forest Gump’ analogy often comes to mind when trying to sum up my WP reading experiences, the blogs I Follow could be ‘like a box of chocolates’…….. 🙂 an eclectic ‘mixed bag 😀 ‘ of diverse entertaining, wonderful prose writings and photographs. I guess the blogs we all follow are a reflection of own lives loves interests and problems, God knows lol what people make of mine but thank you for your time spent here  ❀

Anyways there you are, truth be known I get very tired these days plus I need to get laid, :/ a big mistake writing when one needs to masturbate and release all that pent up sexual tension, a f#ck buddy sounds wonderful and orgasmic, do you know what, a lady I once chatted with over coffee in a railway station cafeteria hinted at something perhaps every blogger should take heed of,

“Andrew, the trouble is darling, I developed feelings for my f#ck buddy, fell for him a little and then he stopped emailing……..but on the plus I tried anal for the first time!”

The lady and I parted on friendly terms but I’d wished for so much more (love), between you and me I briefly cried on the train ride home, only for a minute or so but I did shed a tear oh and incidentally by pure accident I’d touched her boobs, Christ you can go to prison these days for ‘accidents’ like that! That evening I worriedly apologised by email and she replied saying she “didn’t mind”, calling me “rather cheeky” which was a relief!

You see as I pulled away after a rather long embrace, the palms of my hands stroked the lace sides of her rather large bra cups and note she was wearing a thin cotton blouse at the time!……..I don’t mind admitting I fell in love with her and THAT’S why I know for certain internet dating just isn’t for me, you see I fall in love too easily and I have a feeling I could get my heart broken or worse!

Many months later when the lady blogger and I were sitting together at a table in some provincial railway station cafĂ©, all very Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson and the Brief Encounter movie comparisons wasn’t lost on me, there we both were excitedly enjoying discussing our lives together, when she very loudly announced,

“Well Andrew you DO have a rather nice cock”, giving rise to a young lady seated at a table close by to turn her head and throw my blog friend a look of shocked slightly stunned disbelieve, well you would wouldn’t you, then seconds later having composed herself she smiled and returned to whatever she was doing, you’ll glean from that remark my friend and I had become kinda blog intimate exchanging photographs!!


A…N…D…R…E…W stop right there!

Anyways enough of that silliness, remember my previous post? The one where I’d intended to share photos of scenic views taken in and around the Lake District National Park? Only I didn’t preferring instead to write about a bus stop liaison, well for those of you who care lol I never met the lady again, the days passed by and I don’t know after a while meeting her again seemed not such a good idea. AND I certainly wasn’t returning just out of an inquisitiveness, no I’d never half heartedly play with another persons emotions like that, either I seriously wished to get to know her, or I didn’t, there is NO in between.

I promise my next blog will be personal photographs taken in and around the Lake District National Park.

Andrew 🙂