:/ So what DOES a mum’s breast milk taste like?

Ā© Andrew (For some reason the post has repeated itself in the Reader?)

:/ If little else my post themes are out of the ordinary šŸ˜€ and I’m aware they may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, but I enjoy writing them and some people enjoy reading them so all’s good and I have so much respect for the fair sex!. ā¤


dfa88e4dfad578e1_bmilk-main.xxxlarge_2xHere’s a question you’ll have asked your mum at some point in your life, “was I breastfed as a baby?” Well I only ever asked my mother once and she replied “NO NEVER!!” …………..Fair enough šŸ˜€

Which makes me wonder if being bottle fed formula milk is the reason I have a womanly breast fixation, then again ALL men have a weakness for those milky warm bundles of fun! But being serious for a sec’ I follow a lovely lady on YouTube who’s extremely unhappy men sexualise breasts, forgetting their sole purpose in life is lactating milk to keep babies alive and grow up healthy………………… šŸ˜€ and you wonder why I’m so darn confused!

Braless 2I’ve a breastfeeding story for you, now bare in mind last time I wrote a post titled breastfeeding I got myself into all sorts of trouble, in-fact I deleted the post because I upset a lady from NY USA called Cara, so then I posted an apology only to be chastised yet again by a lady name of Paola from West Germany, women you just can’t win! šŸ™‚

But being serious for a second Paola was quite correct a writer should never apologise for the ‘fruits of his labour’, if readers aren’t impressed with my work then please tell me because I enjoy feedback.

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20. My Mum :)

An affectionate portrait of my mother šŸ™‚ and as I’ve said before I DO realise how fortunate I am in possessing so many old family photos.

I’ve just this moment decided to write a second Post this fine Friday evening, October is but one day away and yet again today’s been hot and sunnyĀ šŸ™‚Ā I’m definitely at myĀ strongest when writing about my family also sharing old photographs (I really don’t think they’d have minded, and I’m very careful not to lol show the ones who are still alive)…………..to avoid confusion I should like to add my mother is fit and well….. I think I may have confused Reader!

Anyways not many people follow me going by my stats, that’s ok though and I know a couple of ladies will enjoy these pictures.

Tonight’s process ofĀ scanning old photographs from my album onto myĀ laptop hasĀ cheered me up no end after my previous Post, I hope you have time to read it, a sad tale but ……well you know.

Mum, Bridlington.jpgTo the right is a photoĀ of my mother and her friend, remembering this one was the inspiration for this PostĀ and it is tenuously linked to the abduction Post before. You see this picture was taken in more innocent times, a GreatĀ Britain where a young girl could go off on her own fishing with a friend and I don’t mean just up the Road on their own! No my mum and her friend have travelled by train from their small villageĀ and spent the whole day fishing at the seasideĀ then come home safely again, times have changed and I’ll leave it there.


šŸ™‚ I love my mumĀ and I know I take he for granted, I know she does more than she has to but as the saying goes ‘your mum is the best friend you’ll ever have’, carrying you for 9 monthsĀ then going through the pain that is childbirth and all that, I wonder how badĀ childbirth actually is???Ā  I wish I found living easier, my brother takes after her side of the family, he’s a Hospital Doctor has a beautiful wife and blessed with 3 sons, I’m NOT a jealous or envious man but lol a few more of their genes would have been nice…………I’m joking! I do not resent his happy life.

Mum loves dogs, I think she loves dogs more than her husband lol, all her life she’s owned dogs, trained dogs in obedience, trained dogs for agility competitions………and she’ll still run around a show ring at age 70+…………as for my father he won’t get out of the living room chair lol.


Here’s my mum during swinging 60’s Great Britain sitting on the passenger seat of my father’s Lambretta motor scooter, she’s always had a great dress sense, still to this day actually, and she told meĀ sitting on the back of ‘that thing’ frightened the living daylights out of her, either that or because of my father’s motorcycling skills! Still she looks fabulous in her white pearls………is a son allowed to describe his mum as :/ good looking? Or lol is that a bit creepy?

I have a guess the next photo was taken on the same day……… my father’s brother is a keen photograph also picture painter, he’s had paintingsĀ exhibited at the National Gallery (many years ago mind) and you can by his books of paintings on Amazon if you wish!


Incidentally that’s her mother-in-law, my Grandmother who was quite a formidable woman I can tell you……stern strict and from a no nonsense war generation.


……….and here’s oneĀ more photograph circa 1970’s ofĀ me mum and my brother whilst on summer holiday somewhere, Wales I think? Every year my brother and myself were always treated to a week’s summer holiday, happy days šŸ™‚

And finally , yow will NEVER work this one out lol………………


So there you are……my mum and how would I describe her? Every one loves her, she can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and it’s as if they’ve been friends for life (I so envy that skill), she’s rarely angry (mind you takes no nonsense my brother amĀ I have felt the sting from the back of her hand and always deserved). She’s a fantastic mother and adored Grandmother, has many friends, is completely selflessĀ andĀ will do anything for anybody but you’d have to get up early in the morning to get one over her!

I’m going to try and be a better son………. šŸ˜€ that’s got you wondering hasn’t it!!!!!!

I hope they were of interest, Andrew