A quick message for Hester

(To begin with thank you to those who newly Followed my blog after reading yesterday evening’s post, your likes are really appreciated 🙂 and consequently I am now Following two new blogs but for personal reasons I’d like to say little more except to say I loved reading the ‘Friendships & Loneliness’ post last night before bed, thank you. I should warn you new Followers my WordPress has no one specific theme, in fact sometimes I feel out of my depth here compared to some of the Fabulous blogs I Follow and read with a passion, a very productive lunch hour at work I can tell you but don’t expect tooo much from me please, I’m very  honest and true to myself consequently they’re not to every ones taste 😀 Yesterday evening wasn’t a happy place for me as you may have read last night, I shouldn’t apologise should I, but writing helped and I guess I’ve given you all a great Movie recommendation, beats the run of the mill Movie Revues.)

Hester thank you for such an interesting and intriguing comment to that post, yes our connection though tenuous lol was a neat touch point! (More ways than one though, my Great Grandfather having fought Dutch Boers in the 1898-1902 Boer War!!!)

Enough of War 🙂

Three photographs for you Hester. Having completed my first year as a newly apprenticed Toolmaker here are a selection of the tools I made throughout that year and every item crafted by my very own hands, everything on the table made by me and I’m rather proud of every item even if I say it myself, and why not lol I’m not that skilled at anything else! Incidentally I still use many of them today at my present place of work.

Below I’ve included a second set of photographs taken of the Factory I was apprenticed to and a Company I’m truly grateful to, they paid me a living wage and taught me a Skilled Trade, it’s only now all these years later that I realise I was a very lucky lad indeed! Incidentally the factory is no more, an American Company bought the then owners out and closed that old Plant several years later……….all those wonderful 1940’s buildings have disappeared flattened and in its place are luxury penthouse flats! I was going to swear but you’re a lady and what’s the point?

That wonderful factory employed hundreds of workers, kept a local communities shops and businesses alive, trained young men and women a skilled trade, helped UK’s balance of payments and manufactured armaments during the second world war. Yes they made war weapons from bomb and bullet casings through to casting hand grenades in the iron foundry. I’m afraid I’m very VERY bitter about the factory being closed, I’d moved on to the University by that point, but I still cried the day I wandered along the canal tow path only to witness those lovely buildings being demolished to rubble, such happy memories, such fabulous workmates.


A few more pictures of W Lucy & Co. Ltd. taken before closure.

That’s progress for you!

It’s funny when I write something I never have an idea how it’ll be taken, so thank you for the comment and a blog connection with someone residing in a far away Country, Africa no less, is fabulous. I used to worry with my previous blog after uploading but now I ‘publish’ and see what happens, I guess we’re all a little like that. Incidentally the company I used to be apprenticed to manufactured electrical substation switchgear and exported ring mains to South Africa. As you know I now work for a blank mainly associated with research groups also the odd day supervising lol pretty 18= females, hard life 😉 But seriously I did love my apprentice days, out of interest could you be a little more specific with at least one example of a manual you’ve written because I’m quite fascinated, or perhaps you’d rather not this being a public website.

© Andrew 🙂


19 – A UK Child abduction and the lie that is CCTV

(Update 26th June 2017, I’m afraid the young lady lied, she wasn’t abducted)

Over the past two years and 3 WP blogs I have always tried to be positive amusing and light hearted, good or bad and f#ck me some Posts were excruciatingly bad!!! I’ve tried my best to entertain hence I’ve stayed clear of Politics, War, Religion and all that’s wrong with the world!!!

I NO longer watch the News because I can NO longer stomach fighting killing and war in Syria! I can’t cope with watching more rail accidents, plane crashes and multiple car pileups on fog bound motorways! I’ve had enough of murders, sick paedophiles, pensioners beaten and robbed of savings! I’ve had my fill of BREXIT doom stories a future where we’ll all be unemployed, poor and finished! I’ve had enough of hearing about Hillary and Trump, I live in England for f#cks sake! …………. not forgetting evil inhumane ISIS…………. I’ve had my fill of horror stories.

I better stop at this point hadn’t I!  And I ask is putting ones head in the proverbial sand cowardice or just a means of coping? I really honestly don’t know anymore.

So why do you feel the need to write a first serious Post Andrew? Well Wednesday last something awful happened in Oxford which has rocked my home City to the core and already changed the way people go about their daily lives……possibly for evermore?

Remember my introduction, the one where I try to be cheerful in both my Post and comment replies because that makes me feel happy and hopefully you also, well today I really felt like sharing this awful local News story ……… two days ago I watched the News and felt physically sick!……… That poor girl I feel so sorry for her and her family.

Two days ago at 8:25am a 14 year old girl walking to school in Oxford was abducted from a pavement by two men driving a silver Volkswagen saloon car, taken to a local field and brutally raped………. then four hours later she was found banging on residents front doors in a Housing Estate only a Mile from where she was snatched…………………consequently fear has enveloped the City, the two men are still at large and everyone knows this could happen again, for Christ’s sake a car pulled off the Street and the driver snatched a child it could happen to anyone!……………I feel so sorry for that poor family.

Where an earth does Britain go next? Will a fear of abduction be the new normality?

If I was a betting man I’d say there’s (hopefully) a good chance of catching these 2 men simply because the crime is so horrendous and the fact EVERYONE is sickened by it, this child abduction affects everyone……. and fingers crossed authorities will find them!


The Police are appealing for cyclists to examine video from their helmet cameras, likewise drivers their dashboard cameras, and retail businesses are being asked to check video taken from outside their shop doorways………but here’s a question, I thought 24hour video surveillance was supposed to do away with crime altogether? We were told everyone filming everyone else whether via Government or by the public with their cell phone cameras was meant to end crime forever? That’s what we’ve been led to believe these recent years! I don’t think I’m getting carried away with an exaggeration, we been told CCTV will make Communities safer. NOT feel safer, no I mean actually physically safer!!!

And not forgetting cameras attached to Drones and in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Big Brother Is Watching you’. Commit a crime and someone will capture you on film thieving beating or driving without care or intention…………video will put an end to crime so we’re told………… everyone will understand if they do something illegal then they’ll DEFINATELY be captured on film red handed and go straight to jail, and if you stretch that argument even further no one will commit crime because they KNOW they WILL be caught!

Isn’t that a modern day adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Novel Catch 22?

I’ve been out today and my Town is palpably different….. the Streets are empty of people.

Perhaps I overstate my case, I understand crime will never cease because there are evil people in the World but I can’t help thinking the Public has been conned by an unwritten promise! Constant CCTV surveillance hasn’t made Britain a safer place, it hasn’t stopped the wicked horrific crime of a child be snatched off the pavement in broad daylight………I can tell you for fact 8:25am Wednesday morning Oxford was busy and awash with CCTV yet a wicked crime is unsolved.

On a more comforting note we’re informed the young girl is in Hospital being cared for by Specialist Police Officers and hopefully they’ll catch these 2 white men.