I work alongside Young Women, so what are these NEW rules and boundaries?

©Andrew, yikes I hope I haven’t raised expectancy, built this week’s content up tooo much, 😀 my posts are what they are, Andrew’s usual jumble of themes hopefully entertaining and insightful, btw todays post is slightly adult in nature, sensibly written with recent abuse news stories in mind.

I agree gifs can be a touch tiresome but you have to agree the young couple are quite sweet.

Ass touching is perfectly acceptable between friends but when you don’t know the person you are patting then we’re talking sexual assault! As an aside my mother would slap my brother and myself across the back of our thighs, I should add we were children and deserved the punishment! Whereas my brother and sister-in-law have never laid a finger on either of their two sons who are adorable well behaved children of 9 and 11……………..I know I can’t make sense of that discipline puzzle either, whose right mum or brother? I’ve NO idea.

Anyways forget questions of physical punishment this evening I wish to ‘thoughtfully’ address the number one news story of 2017 which is sexual assault in the workplace, not so much Spacey Weinstein and our own Jimmy Savile who ARE nasty men, sexual predators. I’m talking what is and what isn’t appropriate if you like myself work closely with people of the opposite sex!

Sexual harassment at work. Man touching woman's butt.
Is intimately touching someone, male or female, bullying in all but name?

I watched a video on BBC’s News website the other day where male member’s of the public said they were no longer sure what is and what isn’t appropriate behaviour in the workplace, well for the last quarter of a century I’ve worked alongside young women aged between 18 and 21, 22+ if we’re talking post graduate students, and I’ve been asking myself are there lessons I should learn? Do I have to change improve reform my behaviour seeing as day to day I work with young women? More worryingly have I done anything in the past which could be now be misconstrued as assault, even before Michael Fallon’s resignation for touching a journalists leg I’ve been questioning myself Andrew do you have anything to worry yourself about, will a student appear out of the blue pointing a condemning finger accusing me of, “In 2000 Andrew brushed past me and touched my ass?”

Now do you see modern day moral standards are applicable to one’s past life when pinching a girl’s ass was acceptable? Because my guess many men are asking themselves these exact same questions right now!!……….. This is serious sh#t! Pat a girl’s ass 15 years ago and find your name is added to the sex offenders register in 2017!

I’ve made very clear within many published posts I work for a famous University and as such daily I come into contact with young women, men as well but let’s stick with the fair sex for now cause I’m not gay. Young women between ages 18 and 21, all shapes and sizes from all parts of the Globe, for the most they’re plain Jane’s others absolutely stunningly beautiful young women, if a little aloof, the dumpy Jane’s are often more friendly 😀

However the creatures have two attributes in common lovely human beings and highly intelligent if lacking in common sense time to time, three, I place all women on a pedestal…..I guess the first rule is ‘never put your hand inside the cookie jar!’ not forgetting I’m probably old enough to be their father. 😀

So have the boundaries and rules changed?

And do you know what? I can honestly say hand on heart I don’t consider workplace rules to have changed since when I first walked into the building 25 years ago. Nope I’m afraid I don’t agree with these men interviewed by the BBC, the rules haven’t suddenly changed, there isn’t a new standard you can stamp on every female’s ass!

don-t-touch-t-shirts-men-s-t-shirtTouching a female’s body isn’t appropriate now and neither was touching okay a quarter of a century ago. Ok on Blog Andrew I’ll write using extremely sexually explicit language, possess outrageous sexual opinions, but note also honest and truthful, my fantasies! Perhaps time to time a little male chauvinistic perhaps shocking to some readers, :/ I’m assuming my written and visual observations of female boobs ass and wet pussies are okay! I hope I’ve reflected my love for women and I never ever lie here, what’s the point, I respect the human female animal. (I’m a Darwinist not a Creationist.)

Phew that’s one hell of a mouthful! Some readers may think differently but this is my Blog, my release, my thoughts and I have nothing to be ashamed of or regret writing about……………and yes even the post where I write of watching my neighbour strip naked in her bedroom 😼 ………….I’m viewing through my window and she’s getting undressed with her curtains open so what’s a guy to do but go grab his binoculars! Naughty girl age 50.

Anyways I enjoy writing about women and perhaps female writers have picked up on the inner workings of the ‘a-typical’ middle aged male’s working mind. Lol I’m fine with every word I’ve written boobs ass and vulva’s all.

So after 25 years of working closely with young women do I consider myself to have anything to worry about, any skeletons in my cupboard? And the honest answer is no, I’m not just saying that, my mother taught me to never swear in front of women so that box is ticked and I’ve never touched any woman’s arm shoulder leg neither hair in my life without asking first, and what guy has ever thought touching to be appropriate behaviour? I’ve been touched and it wasn’t nice, wasn’t funny.

I understand completely the rules as to invading someone’s personal space, I think that distance comes naturally to 95% of the population, who would ever consider patting a bottom or pressing an open palm into a ladies shoulder acceptable, they aren’t acceptable now and never have been.

I will admit if a student I’m working with comes to seek my advice or check on the progress of the project I making from her designs, I am FULLY aware of her bust out the corner of my eye and as she walks out of the workshop I’ll give a quick glance at her ass but that’s honestly as far as I go. I’m not trying to appear a Saint, in summertime I’ll be fully aware she’ll be wearing less and I enjoy their feminine charms humour and personality, and believe me when young women desperately need something from you, skilled aid, they’re ruthless. I’m a soft touch and will lol do anything they ask as regards their projects, they have me wrapped around their little fingers they’re intelligent young women and I fear they know how to work it! 🙂 Play me, in fact I’m certain.

Yes I’m single but women don’t scare me, beauty intimidates me but being in close proximity to their perfumed bodies doesn’t freak me out or give me a raging hard on, or cum in my boxer shorts lol. No I’ve been naked in bed with enough naked women in my lifetime, consensual sex etc to be unsurprised by feminine nudity, so to answer my question yes these young women are in their full bloom and many absolutely stunning  but hey I’ve seen those goodies all before to know what theirs look like!

Do their faces pop up in my dreams at night? I can honestly say again no, the more mature woman sets my heart racing these days and I honestly do mean that………I think a woman at age 50 is grateful guys take notice of her I’M ONLY JOKING!!! Mind you, that young students don’t appear in my dreams is honestly a relief rather than something to be pleased about. Another box ticked!

So there you are, I have nothing to reproach myself for probably exactly the same as 95% of the male population, the rules haven’t suddenly changed, you treat people as you’d like to be treated and adhere to common sense respectful boundaries anything else can be considered as bullying.

However I can’t be so sure conversations themes haven’t been those of a Saint, my boss once said to a secretary “you should be more careful at your age”, exiting the lift she replied “I’ll ignore that R.”, I was taken aback by his brazen ness, laughed, but she’s a sensible woman and took the remark in good humour I think! So I guess the rule is if in doubt beware the crude remarks or inappropriate jokes and stay clear of politics and religion or any subject that could potentially star a heated debate…………. Answering my own question I’d never discuss any subject remotely sexual in front of a lady as I wouldn’t with my mother, perhaps having one’s mother in mind is a good yardstick!

Google image and she’s a model. 🙂

Finally, the most shocking anecdote of my time working with a female student. Many years ago I manufactured with my own hands a device linked to an aero-engine the student being a young woman post doctorate. A wholly professional and respectful working relationship note. Well one morning she popped by, a pleasant girl, to check on progress because her Degree is dependent on the quality of my workmanship!

Well today she wore non descript cycling shorts also white tee shirt with a very wide looping neckline, a well worn baggy garment. Well conversations finished with she bent down to grab the handle of her bag, keeping eye contact with mine the whole time. Paused as her hand hovered above the holdall/bike/pannier one of the three, and as she looked up at me hand hovering atop her bag, the LARGE looping neckline of her shirt opened up and I saw a complete pendulous very large breast and nipple accompanied with a guilty look in her eye, oh yes she knew! Then with that she’d turned and scurried out the building! I was in fact open mouth dumbstruck, as in the photo above the outline of her boob and nipple an image I’ll never forget till my dying day……….so brazen beautiful and 😀 yes deliberate.

But the reason why she did it has troubled me ever since because I’m an intuitive guy, not stupid though jury’s out, I am absolutely positive she knew exactly the reason for revealing all, perhaps she thought I wasn’t working hard enough and needed an incentive? I’m not complaining mind and to my great disappointment being flashed at hasn’t happened again, unfortunately!

Lol if I’d flashed her my dick, is that any different?

Women are complicated creatures and I’ll never understand the why, perhaps her boob was a way of thanking me because I am good at my job and would have contributed to her gaining a respectable PHD.

🙂 In summing up this rather drawn out essay, which perhaps all men should write their own version, I’m very pleased to say my behaviour this past 25 years has been respectful professional and appropriate, workplace rules haven’t ‘suddenly’ changed they’re exactly the same as they’ve always been. Yes perhaps I’ll have to be more aware than ever how I interact with women, or perhaps the fair sex are of the opinion political correctness is in danger of becoming hysteria and men should relax a little. Andrew.


So our Defence Secretary MP has just resigned!

nintchdbpict000364304114The UK’s number one tabloid newspaper ran two stories alongside each other, Emma Knight 26 telling us ‘that’ she WOULD wear a sheer bathing suit, incidentally a celeb gossip news story which I can’t be assed to explain because it’s so banal and crass to the core. The second story being the resignation of Sir Michael Fallon who happened to be our Defence Secretary arguably the third most powerful politician in the land.

Michael Fallon
A rather forlorn looking EX Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon

The juxtaposition of these two very different stories in one edition shouldn’t surprise you, because The Sun is a ‘newspaper’ popular with the working class man who is assumed is only interested in sex? Also the irony isn’t lost when I tell you up until several years ago the The Sun published on page 3 of each daily edition, a full page photograph of an attractive curvaceous young woman with her boobs on full view.

Yes images as every right minded person would point out, not only feminists, that are degrading and could be viewed by children, just be aware The Sun are always up for sex stories, sells newspapers don’t you know hence curvaceous voluptuous Emma is published wearing her opaque swimsuit. Btw she does look sensational! 😛

So our Defence Secretary has resigned, and for those that didn’t understand why it’s because fifteen years ago he touched a female journalists knee during a Radio interview. I guess he knew he wouldn’t be seen, also he’s an intelligent guy perhaps he thought she’d maybe up for fun and games? Who knows but let me make clear he was wrong!


Now that this story has resurfaced, journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer’s reaction has been to say she dealt with his unwanted sexual advances there and then and considered the matter then closed. Incidentally she’d said to him at the time “touch my leg again and I’ll smack you round the face” which personally I only wish she had.

So I ask you this, is a smack/slap/ across the cheek perhaps the reaction every woman should take to having her leg touched? Or should a man in charge of Britain’s Army Navy and Air Force be sacked from his job with all that’s going on between Trump and Kim? A dangerous game of brinkmanship that could end in nuclear war, hmm I don’t think so.

Now hold on before you accuse me of err anything! In the UK we have several MP’s who have been reported for unwanted sexual advances, many stories will re surface and many MP’s will lose they’re jobs and of course this harassment debate stretches over the pond with new Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey actual sexual assaults. On reflection perhaps these two despicable examples of manhood are a different news story to our own ex Defence Secretary.


That’s for you two decide. As for me I just wish more women DON’T say, “touch my leg again and I’ll smack you round the face”, I just wish they’d swing their arm from deep behind their shoulders and smack their hand across the guys face! Hurt him and shame him in full view of others!

Have I been right and proper with some of my observations of the fair sex on Blog Andrew? Perhaps not then again I’ve always been honest and if I’ve written about my love of suckling at the nipple of a ladies breast as if I’m a new born babe, the anecdote is true and only because there’s a difference between adoring women and taking unwarranted sexual liberties. (Work that one out!)

A recent quote from Ms. Brewer as the dust is settling,

“Westminster is in the grip of a media which hunt that risked creating a sterile world, where men and women never speak or touch in the workplace.”…….

……”That’s not a world most of us want to live in” she said.

Andrew 🙂


OMG I’m on Google Street View! (Of sorts)

Original ©Andrew

(This post is themed coincidences and isn’t erotic fiction. Btw not everything I write reaches Blog Andrew!)

Coogle Map 023
Google maps Street View of my house (Photograph courtesy of my Samsung Tablet)

Before I begin this true tale I have an admission, I have to be honest, I’ve known about the existence of these Google Street photos (of my home above) for quite some time, so it’s not as if I’m about to let you in on something that happened yesterday!

Only tonight as I was musing over whether to write a post about my favourite sex position namely The Cowgirl, which could even be titled The Lazy Cowgirl position, but the lady was riding me so energetically that Cowgirl it is! But then I thought writing about Sex positions seems a god awful idea for a post (just wait a week!)

Have you ever gazed at an innocuous unremarkable photograph and thought ‘there’s something more to this picture than meets the eye’, well I experience this feeling EVERY time I gaze at these Google photos of my home, right up until this evening I’d think to myself that white car is relevant to MEE! But why?

Well tonight yet again I was looking at the Google Street photos and these visions of the cowgirl sex position kept flitting across my mind, and all I can say is I’m glad I’m not married or I’d have some serious lying to do because now I know WHY!

The event in question, the Google Pics, takes place early summer 2016!

Let me explain, I’d look at my little home on Google Street time to time, use the widgets and pointers to virtually ‘drive-by’, you’ve all done it, and so strange to see my new double glazing and stone shingle front garden. However when I logged on to the app using my Tablet I couldn’t get the question out of mind,

Who on earth owns that white MINI cabriolet parked

directly outside my house?  

Further still, the MINI must have some connection to myself because it’s parked half on the pavement and my estate is like a ghost Town, no one comes here! I’d look at my digital screens thinking, ‘well none of my neighbours own a MINI’, ‘no one I know is hipster enough to own a cabriolet car’, ‘so who on earth owns it?’

“OH MY GOD!” I shouted, and you may have deduced I’d worked out who the owner was and yes I knew her, she was a lady called Sophie and at the same time Google drove past my house taking photographs, Sophie and I were in bed together. Incidentally the window directly above the MINI is my front bedroom and you can’t see but curtains were drawn,

……….and God’s honest truth, as the Lord is my witness, on my collie dog Holly’s life, at about the same time as these pictures were taken, could have been the same time Sophie was sat on my hips. Yep you read that right, squeezing her tits with both hands as Sophie bounced up and down ‘on me’ like a good girl (age 30!) 🙂 I love Cowgirl sex.

Sophie and I were in bed the moment that photo was taken. For certain

How’s that for a coincidence plus I’m so pleased I’ve finally solved my puzzle! 😛 Because I know for fact whilst Sophie’s MINI was outside my house we were in bed together, and yes to answer my own question there IS a little more to these pictures than first meets the eye! Sophie was a casual lover found on the internet and the fact we’re in bed at the same time as Google drove past is pretty amazing! Amazing to me!

Coincidences, funny old world!

‘Cowgirl’ heavenly sex for lazy men.








Playing with myself dreaming of Amanda! (Erotica)

Adult themes? I don’t think so, we’ve ALL played with our 😉 willies’ and ❀ ‘kitties since the day we can remember.

“Well do you? I do!”

A tale of playing with myself and dreaming of Amanda! (Erotica)

To answer the question posed in a previous post, the story tale or poem either stimulates the mind and the genitals or it doesn’t, the picture adds to the mood. 🙂

Come late evening, tired verging on sleepiness, I’ll stand beside my bed with its duvet corner pulled back exposing soft linen sheets atop a firm mattress, all the while following my well rehearsed undressing routine, pulling my boxer shorts down always the final garment to leave my body. Then perhaps I’ll pause for a second touching stroking the erogenous areas of my body, parts covered throughout my day, feeling the cool room air against my skin before climbing into bed and laying back with a weary sigh! Rested comfortable sleepy I end my routine by pulling the heavy cushioned duvet up and over my body, and after having reached over switching the bed side table light out, that’s how my long night’s slumber begins.

I was going to say ‘lay prostrate’ similar to that of a deceased body lying on the slab, I won’t, though that’s the vision crossing before my eyes and least I’m honest. It’s times like these before sleep time that one contemplates their own mortality with eyelids wide open staring into inky black nothingness.

Then I’ll draw my right arm across my face, forearm covering my closing eyes, with always my left arm down below and open palm cupped around my testicle sack. A beautiful caring position is touching oneself whichever the sex, and now tenderly holding and rolling smooth balls between my finger and thumb I’ll playful fondle myself to sleep. Oh and I forgot to say gently! Only a guy can explain the sudden sharp stab of pain if he squeezes his balls tooo tightly!

And that’s the way I send myself to sleep every night, every single night, and so much more relaxing than counting sheep don’t you think? I’ll let you into another secret, lovingly stroking and caressing those small egg shaped orbs is a comfort, a feeling of all the days anxieties being gently cleansed from my body, I guess much the same way three year olds send themselves to sleep clutching a soft furry teddy to their breast.

I don’t know why I’m having to justify myself lol, they’re my balls for heavens sake and I love them!!!

Does anyone else send themselves to sleep like this, hands cupping their balls? Fingers inside their warm kitty? Hmm lol don’t answer!


However once in a while, on an evening such as this, I’ll get a hard on whilst picturing our 50 year old secretary from work, a bright vision of sensuality emblazoned against invisible blackness, and let’s name her Amanda! Always at times like this Amanda is undressed to her bra and panties, isn’t the word panties deliciously sexy, rolling of the tongue like honey from the back of a warm metal spoon!

Closing my eyes tight shut, concentrating hard, Amanda’s hands now reach behind her back, dextrous fingers releasing the clip of her bra strap to reveal large milky coloured breasts, sagging slightly and many years since they dripped their final bead of nectar from teats sucked a thousand times. In my dreams Amanda always has drooping pendulous boobs b’cause she’s a mature lady and that’s the way I love her.

Then gazing longingly into my eyes Amanda drops her delicate lingerie to one side giving a soft whisper moments later as it hits the floor. Smiling coyly she places her two hands on her hips, slips two thumbs beneath the elasticated hem of white cotton knickers, so sexy and virginal, before arching her body forward and pulling the sexy garment downwards, its hem riding atop the curve of her hips, its soft fabric skimming down smooth thighs and resting on her ankles. Almost a virgin but not quite!

Standing upright again and never once breaking her gaze from my eyes, Amanda’s pussy is always bald in my dream the slit of her lips quite visible, and because she’s birthed two daughters in her lifetime, the ragged edges of soft labia resembling a slightly parted genital curtain, and best of all revealing a shocking pink vagina contrasting against her milky white skin.

Jeeze now I’ve got a hard on!

But I’m not gonna masturbate, nope I’m not in the right frame of mind to enjoy pleasuring myself! Feeling far tooo anxious after the day I’ve had.

And as I sit here typing, I wonder if she still has a young girl’s mop of pubic hair? Yes she’s an older woman yet still able to look handsome wearing shoulder length hair, unusual for the more mature ladies? However Amanda dyes hers brunette these days, and I know she does b’cause time to time I see the first millimetres of natural grey coloured growth. The comedienne Jenny Éclair said hair down below is the first thing a lady loses after her menopause? Smooth as a babies bottom she said hers was!  

Amanda, not a stitch of clothing draped upon her 50 years old pear shape figure, looking gorgeous, and getting me evermore excited as I lay there picturing this middle aged nude before my eyes. Her legs now slightly further apart, an index finger pressed between parted labia lips, is gently circling and pulling at her clitoral skin making her breath quicken panting even.

Incidentally a question to the older woman who lol isn’t going to answer but hey my story, the waves of genital pleasure a woman experiences at age 50! Are they just as awesome and powerful as when she was 17 or is the kitty beginning to tire?

Where was I? Oh yes laying underneath my warm cosy duvet with the bedroom lights out, my eyes tightly closed imagining an older woman called Amanda wanking herself in my nightdream, me with one forearm resting atop my forehead, and the other tightly holding my ‘sack’ caressing fondling my two balls.

Then as my excitement ever quickens the tip of my penis begins to twitch and tingle releasing beads of precum, a males very own wetness which moistens within my foreskin and NOW feeling down right dirty and horny!! Genitals excited into a life of their own, I release the hold on my testicles instinctively curling fingers round the warm sensitive skin of my hardness, my gentle grip pushing upwards then tugging down again. Then with knuckles tensing, gripping my shaft more firmly, I start to wank harder and quicker and quicker still, so making me pant and gulp for more fresh night air! 

But I know these warm and gorgeous pleasurable sensations emanating from the tops of my thighs, around my whole groin, won’t last forever, and now with my body still and motionless except for the vigorous energy applied from my hand, I jerk my hand back and forth, my clenched fingers kissing the rim of my bellend now so sensitive it makes my hips raise, and all the while gazing deep into Amanda’s wet vulva!! 

Jesus I know I’m gonna cum soon and this beautiful relaxing pleasure won’t last much longer, with that I’ll whip back my duvet, never once slowing the work from my hand, then feeling the semen palpably rise from my balls, and whispering a “omg I’m gonna cum soon”, gazing at a vision of Amanda’s open pussy, her thighs stretched wide apart I’ll imagine her naked body for a few seconds more! ‘Oh I so want to feel myself deep inside her vagina’ I say to myself, a feeling that makes the tip of my penis throb and buck as I try to capture those pleasurable seconds before orgasm. Then with one final jerk of my wrist, my back arches toward the ceiling, and my groin explosively convulses sending a stream of warm sticky cum across my stomach! 

“God I needed that!”

Then as my breathing slows and as the shaft of my penis goes limp and soft, after my brief intimate moment of sexual pleasure subsides, only then does it finally dawn on me,

“Damn I’m gonna have to go and shower now……………why the hell did I have to cum?”


Do you check your testicles for lumps and bumps? I check mine.


🙂 By Andrew.

Erotica. She let me cum……… (the ending)

Original story written by ©Andrew (Note intended to be read by mums dads adults, I can assure if you’re under age 16 you’ll be BORED witless, I ain’t joking! Go 😀 play a computer game and have more fun instead. Thank you 🙂 )


Continuation from She let me cum in her mouth pt3 and here’s how my story ends! But first setting the scene, Chantelle and I are naked in her London Flat: 

‘My body sinking into warm duvet and dutifully followed by my mature horny babe her wetness flowing out of her vagina like water drops slipping down glass in a rain storm, and like a reluctant virgin about to be deflowered on her wedding night she lay down beside me.’

Now the final part!

 ……………….a beautiful mature lady……if a little overweight! 

A middle aged tiredness brought us to our senses, we paused breathless our bodies breaking from their embrace, then Chantelle sitting up supporting herself on one elbow, looking through tousled naturel blond hair draped across false eyelashes, quietly says:

“You like kissy kissy don’t you!” whilst wiping lipstick from her mouth with a wet wipe bought to clean penis’s of their pussy juice…………..and before you ask, she was English white and lived in Norfolk………….as for her Flat? Our emailing? Long story 😀

“Andrew sweetie, roll over honey and I’ll massage your back!”, like a puppy dog I dutifully roll over as she draws her right thigh over as if to ride me! (Couldn’t resist that!)

Chantelle is a mature sexy goddess of a woman, very feminine a girly girl type, mind you ALL women are beautiful goddesses to me, so go on force yourself, try to picture a natural blonde sitting just below my ass cheeks her legs straddling my thighs, her knees firmly squeezing my thighs in vice like grip, and joy of joys feeling her soft shaven vagina lips dripping wet pressing into my peachy ass.

If truth be told I think she fancied a rest from kissing cuddling and rolling, now able to sit up upright, feeling the discomfort from nursing a bad back ease (I’ll explain later) and I should say she wasn’t a light woman, not overweight either, but I certainly felt her sitting on top of me, her weight straddling my thighs like a female horse jockey aloft her mustang steed, Chantelle telling fascinating tales of her exciting life, me quietly listening captivated and all the while her fingers kneading massaging my tense shoulders, then she stopped suddenly, my tired muscles released from tender dextrous touch, her still and motionless silence only broken because she must have glanced down at my peachy ass cheeks, then completely out of the blue she says,

“You know Andrew you’ve a fab looking ass for a man your age”

Are you at all curious why Chantelle nursed a bad back, do you know what 😀 , after all I’ve written about visual images burnt into my consciousness and virtual tape machines in my brain recording intimate conversations 😀 I cannot remember why she had a bad back, No idea except she suffered from one, perhaps she didn’t fancy the idea of sexual gymnastics or rolling round that double bed having mad passionate love making, wasn’t for me either, nope seemed we were both content with kissing cuddling massages and chatting, fine by us both.

Laying on soft duvet, legs wide apart she knelt between my open thighs holding my hard cock in her right hand rhythmically rubbing my shaft and foreskin up and down, bringing me to near point of orgasm and skilfully understanding when to stop me ejaculating……. one talented woman was Chantelle she gave a mean hand job! My body squirmed and wriggled under the power of her firm tight grip, me with one arm stretched out, palm of my hand grabbing one natural firm breast all soft and round, once I squeezed so tight a nipple showed between thumb and forefinger and she momentarily lost her rag yelling,

“fucking hell Andrew don’t do that!”

I love the intimacy of a woman wanking me off and in my experience a woman enjoys the sex act just as much as men, please tell me if I’m wrong. I so look forward to the squeal of delight when I shower her breasts with beads of sticky cum, or as Chantelle did now come the time she lowered her head mouth open inches above the tip of my penis, all the while working my hard member with her hand, guiding controlling my soon near climax, my carnal pleasures now heightened because joy of joy I knew what this angel of mercy (nurse lol) was about to do for me now. Crimson lips open hovering above the purple tip of my phallus, me laying on her bed arms stretched out like a crucified Jesus Christ, Chantelle kneeling dutifully waiting between my wide open thighs, then my back arched upward a thrusting spasm ejaculating warm silk milk across her tongue and deep into her throat, pumping until I could cum no more!

Finally my body all spent she pulled her head back releasing my cock from her drooling wet mouth, gazing at me, parted those glossy red lips wide open, poking her tongue out revealing my pool of cum, she tossed her head back gargling my cream in the back of her throat, then swallowed the sticky liquid down in one…. mascara running from her watering eyes choking as my gooey cum coated her windpipe, but she enjoyed it and with love in her eyes she licked her lips beamed a wide girly smile……….and said!

“I only swallow for good boys 😀 now pass me that wine!”

The End.

(I hope you enjoyed my tale, and for those readers who’re wondering “Fact or Fiction?” All I’ll say is my story’s a ‘blend’ of truth and fantasy, 😀 and a few comments I’ll reveal which.)

© Andrew (next one’s features back garden flowers)

Erotica, She let me cum……… pt3

An Original story written by ©Andrew 

(Continued from pt2)

yy99llllll……………..became friends, our email relationship had progressed to a point where one sunny afternoon in July, and not so long ago, I found myself in Chantelle’s London Flat ‘boudoir’ standing naked at the foot of a double bed inside her warm cosy bedroom, more precise I’d undressed totally nude only my hard cock to keep me company, holding it’s shaft in my hand a sort of comfort blanket, gently stroking calmed this horny guy excitedly anticipating heavenly pleasures only this voluptuous blonde could give me,

Oh did I say she was age 40!……………..Then through open door she walks this middle aged blonde goddess, with a big bum tight waste pert high round boobs, all dressed up as a nurse (backpage pic) in white mini-dress, her wide open cleavage as you’ve never seen in your life before.

We said hello, exchanged pleasantries and suddenly feeling quite emotional I moved to face her less than a metre apart, then peeking down her plunging neckline I moved closer still unbuttoning her all the way down, opening the white pinafore then slipping the soft cotton fabric backward over her shoulders, I remember standing transfixed dumb founded unable to move my eyes surveying up and down her pink naked body my brain trying to process this vision of beautiful naked womanhood. Chantelle has the firmest roundest most shapely breasts I’ve squeezed in my entire life, high and round about one handful. Then I place my hands above her hips pulling her body to me one final time, we embrace tightly, our heads along side each others, her baby soft cheeks pressing into my twelve hour stubble, her hushed voice saying,

“So Andrew what shall we do this fine afternoon?”

My heart beat slowed to normal, phew I thought to myself ‘we’re going to be ok, we’re going to have fun’ and completely relaxed I replied,

“Well in your email you said I could cum in your mouth and babe that sounds fine to me”, she giggled winked and said “not so fast honey, I want you inside my mouth but first some kissy kissy” and with that she grabbed great handfuls of my plump buttocks, her head leaning back giggling like the little girl Chantelle really was!

Then I kissed Chantelle, passionately, tongues deep inside the each other’s mouth, wet with saliva entwining dancing all you readers being aware there’s no body part more sensitive than the tongue………..we must have kissed for twenty minutes, you think I make this sh*t up? 😀 Nope, our embrace became tighter, bodies touching ever more intimate, my hands moving from hips to squeezing fat buttock cheeks then back to her hips again, we kiss ever more passionately, devouring, breathless into each other’s mouths, even red lipstick smeared across our lips, I thought her face appeared amusing until I saw my reflection in a mirror later.

I’m a boob man through and through, large or small pert or sagging, means no odds to me as long as I can play with them, suckle on a nipple, drink like a new born babe then I’m happy and satisfied. What does breast milk taste of? I’ve bottle fed my nephew with J’s own milk craving to suck just once but I didn’t!

I longed to touch Chantelle’s breasts, but our bodies were tooo close! “Loosen up girl!!!” I said momentarily pulling away!

We continued to kiss, two naked silhouettes drawn together, her arms wrapped less tightly around my waist pulling holding me against her, her warmth touched every part of the front of my body, such an affectionate embrace of two lovers who’d been here before. Aroused, sexually excited I struggled to slip my hand between our bodies so I could grope her firm breasts, but I’d been a worried man when we first cuddled, I could feel my aroused hardness pushing between her inner thighs, the pressure making the base of my purple bell end tingle, thousands of nerve endings electrified and I thought to myself ‘what if in my excitement I’d entered her, my now horizontal phallus pushed deep in to her wet vagina pressing against her womb, throbbing engorged with blood, hell I may have spontaneously orgasmed sticky cum inside, consensual mind, is involuntary semen exchange rape if she hadn’t expected my phallic explosion! But not to worry I missed her pink gash, I don’t much like fucking anyway but all’s well 🙂 my engorged phallus slipped between Chantelle’s warm squeezed thighs, briefly stroking wet labia lips, mind you hers did flap about a bit, we kissed and kissed and deep French kissed some more, many a minute passed before we spoke again.

I guess with tired lips and aching jaws we must have mutually sensed it time to stop the wonderful French, so backing away I moved on to her bed, body sinking into warm duvet and dutifully followed by my mature horny babe her wetness flowing out of her vagina like water drops slipping down glass in a rain storm, and like a reluctant virgin about to be deflowered on her wedding night she lay down beside me. We embraced affectionately then as tight as before, gently rolling over each other for what will be one of the more fantastic afternoons of my life, as for her? She always said she had fun but this time she wanted something different. 

So lovely readers 😀 we leave our two lovers for the moment, embraced facing each other kissing on the lips, all very tender and motionless.


For months previous to first meeting we chatted time to time via email, Snapchat FB Twitter and Skype aren’t for me, aren’t for us, todays young internet generation can’t comprehend how two people can ‘play’ without help of social media and tell me where’s the harm daily writing to each other as our forbears would have? Do children today understand that written exchanges between lovers go as far back as Jane Austin times?


Love letters sent between lovers possessing intriguing codes secrets and hidden messages keeping each other guessing even after the letter is returned to it’s envelope, I enjoy email, it f*cking stresses me out mind, many a time I’ll press send then panic with questions of, ‘did I express myself as I intended? Oh God have I offended her? Worse still upset?’ Not to worry, more often than not my replies made her smile even laugh sometimes. Long ago I came to a decision not to on-line date, women have told me the horror stories, explained how scams work, perhaps I’m a cynic, for one thing is sure I know there are lots of lonely ladies out there, perhaps I should give it a try, honesty is one aspect of WordPress that is plain to see, the blogger you are reading is bearing her soul, truthful and trusting, me also because not a single word is a lie………………come to think of it perhaps on my old blog I did say I’d done anal, that must have been some weird dream because I haven’t been there…………..yet, enough and I’m SORRY!!!!!

Returning to naked me and Chantelle our bodies near joined as one tenderly rolling atop her double bed, me luckiest man alive hugging a beautiful mature lady……if a little overweight!

To be continued in my fourth and final part

©Andrew ❀

Erotica. She let me cum……… pt2

Original story written by ©Andrew

(continue from pt1)

feb2016 (1) …………………. this romantic tale comes in four parts, hope you read part 1, btw the naughty part begins in part three but how I came to meet Chantelle is important to my story.

So no sex yet!

Keep patient hopefully you’ll find it pretty hot stuff!

………..this romantic tale took place (perhaps it’s fiction 😉 ) after I’d deleted my first blog and for twelve months I’ve purposely shied away from writing about my sex life, number one because no one is interested, number two I find reading sex blogs tedious tho I love reading erotic poetry, but sex blogs lack soul to the point I haven’t Followed one in over a year and number three I haven’t layed a woman in ages! True that.

And I’m NOT showing off! 

So now you understand why I’ve refrained from tales of sex on this blog, apart from Helen’s striptease of course, but I didn’t masturbate while watching her breast examination so that doesn’t really count! I’ve banned myself from talking sex but for one time only I’m going to re tell a true story……. 😉 then again this may be fiction 😉 …… did you know there are awards for badly written erotic fiction………..I could Google it but can’t be assed b’cause it’s late!

Okay LOL I’ll attempt a dirty story………………. Setting the scene, one sunny afternoon several month’s ago I found myself inside a Flat in Canning Town………… that’s London to you………more precisely in a bedroom waiting for a mature woman, just how I like em!

:/ Ok ‘I found myself in a Flat’ isn’t a great beginning, let me start again by saying Chantelle and I had emailed too and fro for many weeks before first meeting, not a dating site mind let’s just say dating isn’t entirely the point to the particular chatroom we frequent, wouldn’t you LOVE me to reveal it’s name, afraid not! Ok why not there’s this website called ‘backpage’ where you place an advertisement when want an item, let’s say for example a wardrobe no let’s say sex instead and you’ve guessed internet users looking for sex go to ‘backpage’ to find the look of someone they like, there’s a message board for corresponding, telephone numbers are exchanged and then if the guy likes the look of the woman and the woman likes the look of the guy AND they both believe and trust each other they meet up! Easy as NO it’s a frigging minefield of scammers liars raving nutcases, but if you trust your sixth sense, implicitly, use common sense ‘backpage’ can be fun BUT lol you won’t ever find your soul partner and live happily ever after! 😩


Do I need to explain anymore or have you fathomed how ‘backpage’ works? Put it this way you’re not buying a wardrobe in the furniture section!

God I could explain the point to ‘backpage’ and how it works ALL evening, lol let’s cut to the chase, one evening many months ago whilst scrolling through ladies pictures I happened across a forty year old divorcee called Chantelle, I clicked her thumbs up then she looks at my profile and clicks my thumbs up and then both being signed up members, how ‘backpage’ makes money, we both view each other’s profile pages normally hidden from view and importantly each other’s ‘photographs’ and when I say photographs I actually mean filthy near pornographic nude selfies, all tasteful and legal mind, well ours were on the whole tasteful, so we chatted on the message board, became friends then one sunny afternoon in July………


Sample taken from my profile page!

To be continued in part 3 then part 4.

Andrew 🙂


50 – The lady at the bus stop. Pt 1 (of 2)

Tabby-GirlAtBusStop.jpgAfter first titling my post ‘Sex and a lady at the bus stop’, I’ve just remembered I have a tale to tell which in fact involves sex AT a bus stop!…….Hmmm that’s a story for some other time but alas I didn’t f#ck her behind that skip after she’d finished with my friends……….. one of the biggest regrets of my life, I had the chance, she wanted to but another friend stopped me for good reasons, he knew I’d had tooo much to drink, he looked after me and must have sensed our evening out together was in danger of getting out of hand. But still pulling her off me whilst we were kissing at the bus stop does seem a little mean all these years later and NO she was NOT a hooker! (Btw we were all age 17, us boys, her and all her :/ friends?)

Don’t despair, bare with me, my introduction misogyny and silliness done with, this post is very much more personal than usual and very much written for me, so much so I very nearly disabled likes and comments, we’ll see.

Introspection is all very well as long as there’s a point to self analysis, looking inwards questioning why life isn’t how I’d like it to be or would like it to be can quickly make way to feeling sorry for oneself, and wallowing in self pity isn’t a pretty sight further still brooding over life’s regrets can be self destructive! Then again, time to time reflecting on one’s direction in life doesn’t hurt once in a while and where better place to write than on a blog.

Talking of blogs, do you 😀 really need to know or want to understand the reason why? Why I haven’t been here? No not really because you all have lives to lead, so Andrew of what cryptic nonsense do you speak? I began November blogging a post everyday for 18 days but then a week ago I stopped, now understand I’ve been chastised in the past for apologising so I won’t, all I will say is I squeezed a boob and licked a nipple Wednesday evening……………..a HUMAN female breast I might add!!!!!!……….I know she sounds fantastic but being with her wasn’t love and I’m someone who wants to be in love and hates being single :/ one night stands are ok I guess, you know sex then go your separate ways, but lust is a deadly sin for a good reason, sex without love is well…..a little pointless.

Why am I still single and living on my own? How did I come to be a bachelor when all I’ve ever wanted needed is to be in a loving relationship? I’m not going to even try to explain why just understand the reasons are complicated, the opposite sex confuse and baffle me and I’ve NEVER been skilled at reading a woman’s body language or the signals she gives of herself?

Whether you can live with a lady is immaterial, just know you can’t live without her…….. 🙂 ahhh.

Over the past two years I’ve followed hundreds of ladies writing of their relationship happiness also heart rending horrific tales here on WordPress. True stories of living with controlling abusive narcissistic partners and the emotional scars and wounds their abusers behaviour leave behind, and yes I felt desperately sad for the ladies and their predicaments to the point I stopped reading because they upset me so….. you see I feel tremendous empathy towards people enduring sadness and hardship, reading was I guess a form of voyeurism but at the same time their accounts were so upsetting I sensed they were also emotionally damaging and yes unhealthy so I had to stop…… there’s only so much of other peoples sadness you can take on board!!!

But rather selfishly I’m questioning myself tonight, asking myself ‘why the hell am I still single when I’d never treat another woman so awfully?’ I’m a nice man, horrible word I know but it’ll suffice 🙂 I’m a nice guy I enjoy the company of women, I’m respectful polite and never arrogant, I listen often captivated by their femininity humour, very often amused by their funny little ways and of course I enjoy their sexuality always at a respectful distance mind!! However I live alone and internet dating isn’t the answer………..f#cking nightmare……don’t ever bother.

A married friend of mine says women are a different species, unfathomable emotionally irrational sometimes a little unstable, however he wouldn’t wish to be unmarried for all the world, by all accounts my friend and his wife argue, as do all couples but they obviously still love each other because they’ve reached 50 together! Btw he’s also a gobshite who says during sex he’ll gaze at the bedroom wallpaper just so as to take his mind off the job in hand, apparently convincing himself ‘to redecorate’, ‘musing over colour schemes’, ‘setting a start date’ apparently mundane thoughts help prolong the intercourse, you know leave the moment of ejaculation for as long a time as possible, he says “it keeps her happy!”

😀 Back to me! Why AM I still single? I’m a nice man, I would never strike a woman, I have never sworn in front of a lady to the point this week I told a guy off at work for saying fuck and shit in front of a young Pakistani lady, his defence was she’s just a technician like the rest of us, BULLSHIT she’s a lady and he (my boss) was being a disrespectful misogynistic bastard! Afterwards I spoke to her and she said she wasn’t offended, laughed the abuse off because it wasn’t personal but I differ, work aggravation or not the issue wasn’t her fault and she didn’t need to witness language like that. I’m an honourable man, there are standards and rules, yes she works on a par in a man’s world but she’s still a lady and should be treated as such.

HOWEVER I’m not perfect, far from it, I’m prone to sulking rather than shouting and swearing, I guess my retort to difficult interpersonal situations is to go all ‘silent treatment’ you know act in a very childish manner, ‘you’ve upset me so I’m not speaking to you any more’ all very juvenile but so much better than lashing out verbally.

Btw I didn’t sit down to write a post about relationships, believe it or not I intended to share photographs I taken in the Lake District a UK national park, so heaven knows how I came to be questioning why I’m still single? Btw ‘WHY’ is a long long story too complicated for even WordPress tonight or ever!!!! I’ll leave photos for another day and see where this unplanned post goes?

To be continued……………..